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Looking on the bright side, the House has approved a new finance bill for the president to sign and trade talks are going on in Beijing at deputy minister level.

Public holidays in Portugal

The US dollar has been largely unaffected by all of this. It is a fifth of a cent firmer on the week against sterling and unchanged against holidwys euro. The Canadian dollar strengthened by a cent and a half against sterling and it added half a US cent. For as a whole the picture was not so rosy. It was nearly a point down on the month at The news had no effect on the currency. AUD weekly currency update Private sector credit in Australia increased by 0.

Those were the only two sets of domestic data and poryugal included nothing with any potential GGbp move the Aussie dollar. Then Apple announced that sales in China had stalled. Weekends and holidays If you initiate a payment late on a Friday afternoon you will need to wait until the following Monday before the payment is processed. Naturally a weekend adds a further 2 days to the process and bank holidays can extend this further to 3 days when payments are initiated on a Friday afternoon. When determining the length of time an international transfer takes from initiation to receipt of funds, the timeframe is always measured in working or business days omitting bank holidays and weekends 4.

Cut off times Being aware of bank cut-off times is important in terms of assessing how long it will take for receipt of your transfer request and for your transfer to be initiated.

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All banks have a cut Gbl time each day for receipt of payment and transfer instructions, so the earlier a transfer instruction is made the sooner the payment will be processed. Requests processed at the end of the business day will not be sent until the following day adding an extra day to the transfer process. Always be aware of bank cut off times especially when payments are urgent. Time zone You should expect a delay if there is a significant gap between the time zones of the countries between which funds are being transferred. If for example, a payment is initiated in Ireland to be sent to an account at a bank in the US, the payment will be pending until the US bank opens.

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Will we witness real-time international bank transfers anytime soon? As consumers, we are used to real-time financial experiences through card portual or e-commerce and so the increasing demand protugal more efficient international payments is not going to recede anytime soon. The UK has led the way when it comes to instant payments. The Faster Payments Service FPS was introduced in the UK in allowing payments to usually be made available almost immediately to a receiving account, although they can sometimes take up to two hours.

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podtugal In Novembera new voluntary pan-European instant credit transfer scheme that will bring real-time money transfers across the SEPA region is on course to go live. Instant global bank transfers — what are the challenges? Despite the obvious moves to make instant global money transfers a reality, many obstacles have yet to be overcome. Businesses are looking for the same speed and convenience from international banking as they have come to expect from domestic banking — however, technology cannot yet facilitate that and regional solutions are rarely interoperable with other countries.

Municipal holiday, Lajes das Flores Thursday, 18 July: Municipal holiday, Nordeste Monday, 22 July: Municipal holiday, Praia da Vitoria Friday, 16 August: Municipal holiday, Viana do castelo Wednesday, 21 August: Funchal City Day Monday, 2 September: Municipal holiday, Povoacao Saturday, 21 September:

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