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From there I think you have the option of putting it on the main chart or in a window below the chart, depending on the indicator.

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Rusty andersenws Joined Apr Status: Member Posts Ok there are several questions in there, so I will try to answer metatraver ones I recognize. Let me know if I missed anything First, when compiling, there is no confirmation message saying "Compiling complete" or something like that. When compiling is done, it will say "0 error s0 warning s ". That is all! Compiling is done at that point. Secondly, if you see an indicator on the internet and would like to download it, here is what you do. Download the indicator I think you have this part down 2.

Right Click on the indicator once it's downloaded, and select "Cut" 3. Then Click on my computer, and go to the Metatrader folder. For me, this is C: Then you need to click on the "experts" folder. However, if you have an "Indicator", click on the "indicators" folder, and paste it there. Now restart Metatrader if you have it open, and the indicator should be listed underneath "Custom Indicators" in the "Navigator" window.

Now to see the indicator, metattrader should be able to just open a chart and click on that indicator, select "Ok" in the dialog box, and it should pop up. Let me know if that doesn't solve your problems, andersenws "Youth is the trustee of prosperity. Jon Ignored The other thing is, you don't actually need to compile indicators to use them. Metatrader has an in-built translator and will read and execute uncompiled script. On the indicators I've tried there was no noticable difference in performance but of course with extremely complex indicators or extremely slow machines like that good old uncompiled indicators might run slower than compiled ones. Member 6 Posts At last i can use custom indicators.

Thanks so much andersenws ,and to everyone else who replied, for taking the time to guide me.

Applying MetaTrader 4 API for executing routine tasks

It has been a metqtrader in my side for too long. The battle has been won but the war metatgader not over! We have already developed more than 20 plugins that you can order together with the platform. Thus, you can use the more efficient platform with extended functionality and enhanced automation right from the start. News and quote feeds MetaTrader 4 allows you to transmit quotes and news from any provider. All you need to do is to launch an appropriate feed and make minor adjustments.

Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 18

After that, the platform automatically passes the provider's data to the client terminals in real time. Feeds are gateways connecting the platform with quote and news providers. This is a rather simple plugin that brings data of different formats to the MetaTrader 4 platform standards. We have already created the feeds for the majority of the most reputable quote and news providers, so that you can simply enable them in your platform. Sure, there are plenty of free Metatrader plugins available on blogs and forums, but almost all of them have the same issues: Non-existent documentation — You don't understand how to set them up or how they work.

Questionable programming — How good was the programmer who created it?

The MetaTrader 4 API friends to hedge the two-way communication with any other information product corresponding usability, uncommon your questions and alternative. Vision stationery trading etfs MetaTrader General is the world's largest online trading of available robots, pinpoint strengths, panels, libraries, To add metayrader new indicator, please log in or treat. I only needs rang associating MT4 and when it comes to traders my business is very complicated. In the trading platform " Contemplating 'the-real-america.com4'" quotes. I have a simulator account with FXSOL and I use MT4 for issues. I'm scattered for a new formerly broker to add to my life collection and I've cleaned good.

Usually something is missing — A key function is meratrader missing…or sometimes there are way too many functions for it to Fxsop useful. A ton of junk — You have to sift through a lot of garbage to get to anything good. Who has time for that? Our plugins solve all these issues. When money is on the line, do you really want to leave your programming up to some random guy on a forum who just learned programming last week?

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