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The payoff of this portfolio is identical to the first portfolio. When the strike price, K, equals the forward price, other names for a deferred payment option are break forward, Boston option, forward with optional exit, and cancelable forward. The value of an asset-or-nothing put is S0e-qTN -d1. For example, sometimes vega is negative.

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You will own a call that parihy identical to the underlying call above and you also will have to repay the loan balance, which will be equal to the strike price above. Consider a European call option. One of the exciting aspects of the over-the-counter derivatives market is the number of nonstandard products that have been created by financial engineers. Consider a forward start at-the-money European call option that will start at time T1 and mature at time T2. An option to buy yen with Australian dollars is, from the point of view of a US investor, an option to exchange one foreign currency asset for another foreign currency asset.


Valuation formulas have been produced for floating lookbacks. The procedure for valuing a shout option is therefore similar to the procedure for valuing a regular American option. Some can be valued analytically, but using much more complicated formulas than those for regular European calls and puts, some can be handled using analytic approximations, and some can be valued using extensions of the numerical procedures. For a fixed lookback put option, the payoff is the same as a regular European put option except that the the final asset price is replaced by the minimum asset price achieved during the life of the option.

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Suppose that S1 is the asset price at time T1, K is the strike price, T2 is the maturity of the options, and r is the risk-free interest rate. Other nonstandard options The value of a floating lookback put is where and Smax is the maximum asset price achieved to date. Packages, B. With our usual notation, the value at time zero of a European call option on a call option is where 8 I.

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A stock tender offer is an option to exchange shares in one stock for shares in another compoynd. Their prices or implied volatilities are quoted by exchanges or by inter-dealer brokers on a regular basis. The value of a cash-or-nothing put is Qe-rTN -d2. The payoff of this portfolio is identical to the first portfolio.

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