Metatrader 5 keyboard shortcuts num

If you click on it, you can move it left or right.

General MetaEditor commands

If you have no mouse wheel, press Ctrl-F. This tip might be useful for the ones, who learn how to read the market movements. Assigned hot keys are of higher priorities than predefined ones. Now, you will see the Properties window pop up.

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Afterward, open the Navigator window. Just like this, you add shortckts indicator to another. Best MT4 shortcuts and tips: In order to add other hotkeys, experts, or scripts to the standard ones, go to Navigator window and click on any of the options with the right button. Afterward, in order to measure the distance, hold down the left button of the mouse from a certain point and drag the cursor to another point. Then, hold down the Ctrl and click on the line with a left button to create a parallel line.

Here's the list of the hot keys available in MT4:

Now, drag in onto the indicator on the chart. Use this in case you have used any of the two tips above. In order to successfully put your two indicators together, you will need to add your first indicator to the chart just as you usually do. This technique is very useful for drawing channels.

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