How much money do bond traders make

But tradeers about the sellers? The Fed has now become the main bond trading seller. Recall it was the Federal Reserve banks that were making the majority of bond purchases in recent years with their QE programs, designed to increase the money supply and spur economic growth. Now that their buying programs have stopped, they need to unwind these positions and sell the bonds back into the market.

Trading Bonds: How are Bonds Traded?

Often times, you might get partial quotes a bid from one trader but no offer and the quote would be good for just a few minutes or subject to a call. Today, bond trading is as democratized as ever. There were different electronic bond trading platforms inwhich has greatly helped level the playing field for newer entrants into bond trading. Nimble traders should be able to utilize the volatility to their advantage, as larger orders may be stick going through the old RFQ channels. In times of crisis, these two asset classes have correlations that generally converge.

Interest rate movements should also bring volatile trading. Finally, the passive nature of many fixed-income exchange traded fundssuch as LQD and HYG, may have lulled yield-hungry investors into a false sense of security.

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When these ETFs are sold, the underlying positions can become very volatile. A silver lining to these scenarios is a widening spread between the U. Bonds trade anywhere that a buyer and seller can strike a deal. Convertible bondssome bond futures and bond options are traded on exchanges.

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Trading Bonds: Dealers and Investors Bond Dealers While investors can trade marketable bonds among themselves, trading is usually done through bond dealers, or more specifically, the bond trading desks of major investment dealers. These dealers are at the center of a vast network of telephone and computer links that connect all the interested players. In all bond trading, the goal is to take a spread between the price the bonds are bought at and the price they are sold at. That spread is how bond dealers make or lose money. Bond trading became very lucrative before the credit crisis, when investment dealers used their banking capital to fund huge inventories of bonds and do mostly proprietary trading.

Many banks had to be bailed out by governments and this is why banking regulators now severely restrict proprietary trading activities.

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Bond Investors Trading bonds also involves financial institutions, pension fundsmutual funds and governments from around the world. Bond Market Terminology Here are some of the key concepts a bond trader must be familiar with on order to do his job: It was something like a bizarre circus with a language all its own. The trading world is considerably calmer these days. Although there are still trading pits, most of the investment world has moved to more sedate, computer-based trading systems.

The larger-than-life monye who made a living screaming, shoving, and trading are fading into history. There's a whole new world of bond traders out there. Treasury bills T-bills and savings bonds are two examples of zero-coupon bonds. Reaching Maturity The amount of time involved for a zero-coupon bond to reach maturity depends on whether the bond is a short-term or long-term investment.

A zero-coupon bond that is a long-term investment generally has a maturity date that starts around 10 to 15 years. Zero-coupon bonds that are considered short-term investments typically have a maturity that is no more than one year. These short-term bonds are usually called bills.

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