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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at I love to see people taking control of their own investments.

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Later, I registered the general partner as a Registered Investment Adviser and began charging an advisory fee, and have since admitted additional partners, but doing so requires the creation of a private placement memorandum, filing a Form D, being aware of state and federal securities laws, etc. Share this: On its face, there seems to be o difference between me and any other small business, except that instead of selling products, I trade in securities. Does anyone out there have any similar experiences? If you want legal advice in TexasI can recommend a few different attorneys. I recommend avoiding that if possible. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat! You can register at the state level, which is pretty simple.

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My family and I will own all of the voting and control stock, but may issue preferred frms from time to time, within Forrex offering exemptions, to raise additional capital. The practice of selling securities on commission creates significant conflicts of interest, and therefore increased regulatory attention. Advice given for free, even investment advice, is generally unregulated. Hedge Fund Last Updated On: Does issuing preferred shares constitute giving investment advice? I know you guys may not be able to give legal advice, but I was wondering if anyone came across similar issues.

Hedge Fund All, I was hoping that someone out there can provide some help or guidance.

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