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Invented and headed development of all core technologies, including ion implantation equipment, semiconductor process applications, and use of proprietary doping materials and chemicals. Investigated allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, and unfair employment practices.

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Invited to serve three-year term zije community-development committee. Isolated makong reduced waste streams within facility. Sample Resume Bullet Points Juggled multiple projects on tight deadlines covering numerous diverse areas. Sample Resume Bullet Points Kept person team motivated to complete multi-faceted mission-driven assignment, under deadline and under budget. Learned strategies and market terminology during simulated trading sessions with senior traders. Led company-wide strategic team developed to redefine and align services and responsibilities of customer care and distribution operations groups. Liaised with vendors and manufacturing department to ensure high-quality, yet low-cost, production methods.

Sample Resume Bullet Points Maintained supportive, neutral posture and tading continuing collaboration and problem-solving strategies. Managed successful launch of three Danish and Swedish customized entertainment networks. Met goals ahead of schedule and assisted in strategic direction of product and business development. Minimized wasteful spending and ensured consistency among schools by partnering with Facilities Division and Purchasing Departments to develop standardized furniture and equipment package for all new schools.

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Modeled constructive group-member behavior to inspire team members to become active, constructive participants. Monitored staff and program effectiveness to ensure residents received quality service at limited costs and free of liability by collaborating with board rrading directors to establish and implement policies and long-term plans. Opened channels of communication and encouraged team members to take active role in team development and accessing resources. Orchestrated decrease in sales expenses by 20 percent while increasing sales productivity by expanding alliance partner network.

Organized workforce and service flow for entire resort. Oriented and trained new top-management team in product-line unique sales points and product sales strategies. Outperformed peers in constructing online reports with Albuters and Infocast. Overcame internal obstacles and ensured buy-in by product managers in new diamond technologies. Oversee market development, financial management, and operational management.

Sample Resume Bullet Points Participated in developing and implementing rdsume computerized claims system. Partnered with team leaders to design strategy to address grading priorities. Performed legal research and drafted legal memoranda regarding employment law, personal injury, contract disputes, trademark law, and environmental law issues. Played key mmaking in business development, branding, planning, marketing, and mone design. Practice health-care law, representing academic medical center. Prepared experts and witnesses in fast-paced legal environment of firm dealing with construction defect, personal injury, and employment law. Presented program to Boeing senior staff and company president, CEO, and founders.

Preside over all board meetings and perform executive-director functions. Priced options deals using Derivatech and Bloomberg; calculated delta and vega hedges. Procured funding through private grant to continue counseling program. Produced business results and market-share growth, as measured by unit case volume sold in this region where business size is almost 50 percent of entire Japan business. Promoted appropriate integration of evaluation system with other systems throughout division, including performance contracting, continuous quality improvement, and management information system.

Propelled company to meet forecasted numbers and achieve 20 percent growth year over year in an industry where average growth was 10 percent.

Sample Resume Bullet Points Qualified new accounts and grew revenue within territory. Re-engineered process management to improve overall productivity and operational cost efficiency by relocating plant and revising plant layout; reinforced cost-reduction program. Recommended and prepared project trqding to optimize business and production needs, thus facilitating corporate and divisional strategy. Recruited to fill director position as a result of outstanding job performance and timely delivery of initiatives. Recruited executives to establish first distribution sales office. Redesigned HR business processes, leveraging manager self-service via PeopleSoft.

Refined salary systems for all levels of employees with compensation programs that included stock options, kcommissions, stock savings plans, bonus plans, and executive SERP plans. Long and Short Positions Going back to our example, if an investor believed the developing economy of China would strengthen relative to the mature U. This is known as taking a long position.

These are the 25 magic resume words that will land you the job: Ladders 2018 Resume Guide

On the other hand, if an investor believed the Chinese economy was going to collapse relative to the U. This is known as taking a short position. Speculation and Currency Trading There is a second group of investors that are intrigued by the movements of currencies relative to one another. These individuals are often referred to as speculators. Generally, speculators try to take advantage of market inefficiencies or short term movements in currencies. This is sometimes referred to as arbitrage. These traders might take a position in currencies for only a couple of hours or even minutes. Speculators are extremely active traders in foreign currency, and watch the market 24 hours a day.

The market is large, active, and currencies can even be exchanged without incurring a brokerage charge. These combinations of factors make speculating very attractive to some investors. Reading Exchange Rates and Spreads The published rates are determined by the currency exchange market. Reading an exchange rate is a fairly simple process. The exchange rate is always quoted using a currency pairing and ISO abbreviations. Looking at the following example: The ISO abbreviations above are those used for those two currencies. The order of the rate is also important. The first item is referred to as the base currency, in this case the euro.

The second item is referred to as the quoted currency. The quoted price in this example is how many U. Bid Prices The exchange rate itself is usually quoted in terms of a pairing. From this pairing the investor can determine both the bid and asking price for this exchange. The bid price is the one used when selling the currency, and represents the amount received when selling one unit of the base currency.

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The bid price resjme always be lower than the ask price. Ask Prices The second component in the exchange rate refers tracing the ask price. This is the price paid if a trader wanted to buy the base currency. The ask price is determined by adding the two digits to the final two positions of the bid price. In some situations, such as a quote of 1. To get your prospects to do what you want, all you have to do is include a compelling call to action on your website and in your marketing campaigns. Simple, right?

Well, actually, call to action marketing is harder than it sounds. CrazyEgg's call-to-action: First, it establishes why trying out Crazy Egg is risk-free, using simple language that reinforces the safety of trying out their service. Man, reading Manpack's call-to-action: However, GiftRocket manages to combine the two into a surprisingly compelling package that can actually result in a decent gift for the people you love. GiftRocket's call-to-action: This landing page features simple yet striking imagery combined with short sentences and active verbs, resulting in a compelling experience. Why send a gift card when you can Send a GiftRocket?

Contently's call-to-action is as inviting as its logo The design of this landing page is a little unorthodox. It also hints at what prospects can expect from Contently, which is dialogue — not being sold to.

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