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Towards a Lpening Generation of Investment Policies. Business environment: The general VAT rate is 18 percent and an eight percent rate applies to a limited range of basic food products and some services. Progress in the implementation of the small business act in Europe. The agricultural. GDP declined to three percent in Customs duties for imports of industrial products originating in EFTA states will be gradually abolished by During the period. The Ministry of Agriculture only provides subsidies for registered farmers about 13 percent of the total number of farmers.

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Serbia has taken actions to stimulate innovation and strengthen its research infrastructure. Serbia has significantly restructured its SME policy. Customs tariffs for agricultural products range from one to 30 percent of the imported value. For large investors in manufacturing and export-related products a special financial package is available. In October Confectionary and snacks is a sub-sector with annual revenues of over EUR million and an export value of EUR million. Serbia is one of the ten countries globally in which paying taxes is slowest.

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acount Investments in fixed capital acccount for about 13 percent of manufacturing investments in The flour mill sub-sector accounts for the largest number of producers in the whole food sector. The simple average of import duties for agricultural goods applied in was Chart 1. Agro-industry outlook and performance Agro-industry background and challenges: Serbia is striving to fully harmonize its external trade regulations and practices with those of the EU as well as with WTO rules.

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