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The franchise enters its fourth season since falling just short of advancing to the 212 Bowl in the NFC Championship game in That game that feels like eons ago. Since coming so close to those years ago, the Falcons have fallen off a cliff; they've changed head coaches, remade the front office, and haven't had a winning season since that magical run in There are a lot of reasons for the Falcons' fall from grace, and it's hard to say if quarterback play is one of them.

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Matt Ryan will play his ninth season this year and has, outside of falcns season, avoided a lot the blame for the Falcons' recent struggles. Poor rostrr, a barren roster, and a dysfunctional organization have Alanta probably played foster role in helping Ryan avoid criticism, but when you're the highest-paid player on a team that made history, and not in a good wayyou can only escape attention for so long. Coming into this season, Ryan is still viewed as top quarterback in most circles, and people haven't forgotten just how good Ryan and the Falcons were from A team can win a Super Bowl with Matt Ryan at quarterback.

The problem is that no team built the way the Falcons are built would be able to get there. Somehow, Atlanta was the third-oldest team in the NFL last season—only the Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts were trotting out more geezers—and they finishedmissing the playoffs once again. Barnermight have a chance to be a third running back behind Devonta Freemanand Ito Smith, although one would think the Falcons might want a little bigger back for short-yardage situations Brian Hill and Jeremy Langford are bigger and still on the roster.

Could This be the Final Year for Matt Ryan as an Atlanta Falcon?

Any third back has to have special-teams ability, and Barner has 31 career kick returns for an average of His averages are a little bit better than what the Falcons got from the combination of Marvin Hall and Justin Hardy last season. Barner, who ran a 4. Another body alongside top tight end Austin Hooper. Falcons need a blocking tight end, too, with Logan Paulson apparently not in the mix anymore as a free agent.

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Had a career-high 16 receptions with the Bucs in Had 15 last year in 11 starts with the Titans. So, his primary role is not to be a pass-catcher, although he's capable. I can't put into words what this team and city mean to me.

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