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Best practice in this case is to put all your input into a single directory and pass that as your input path.

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The command line-switchable protocol example from before uses this feature: For more information, see the optparse docs. However, your default values need to be compatible with copy. For example, you might wish to fetch supporting data for your job from different locations, depending on whether your job is running on EMR or locally: For example, if you had a map task that required a sqlite3 database, you could do this: Warning You must wait to read files until after class initialization. Trying to read files into class variables will not work. Click Add Destination to deliver a report document to multiple destinations.

Only the destination types configured by the administrator are available for selection. Destination Type Description Email Enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma. Enter any Message text to include with the report. Printer Select the Printer Group and the Printer, enter the Number of copies, and select Single sided or Double sided, the printer must support duplex printing for this option to take effect. Optionally select the printer Default Tray from which to print the report, and the Print Range pages. Fax Select the Fax Server to deliver the report and enter the Fax Number to which to send the report.

Setting Output Options

Specify the following properties: To deliver ooptions document to the user's home directory, enter. Remote File Name Required Enter the file name for BI Publisher to assign to the delivery document on the remote server, for example, myreport. You must include the file extension in the name, for example. For example, on EMR you can use a jar to run a script: Use mrjob.

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Formxt and mrjob. For example: If you want them, add mrjob. JarStep has no concept of Protocols. If your jar reads input from a MRStepor writes input read by another MRStepit is up to those steps to read and write data in the format your jar expects.

Customize host and queue information output

Warning If the first step of your job is a JarStep and you formmat in multiple input paths, mrjob will replace INPUT with the input paths joined together with a comma. Not all jars can handle this! Best practice in this case is to put all your input into a single directory and pass that as your input path. The easiest way to do this is with by setting the DIRS attribute in your job. And then import code from inside a mapper or reducer: DIRS is relative to the directory your script is in not the current working directory.

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