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The first thing to do is declare stock. This returns the company name as a text vector. When tradjng are on the loyal3 site, you can click on the company tile to load a page with a ticker symbol and other company information. After doing some manual inspection, I found the 54th to rd links on the page represent the company pages I need in order to scrape the ticker information. For example, http: All company pages are organized the same so the custom function get. As the function reads each of the 70 pages, it will only collect the stock ticker.

The resulting object, stock. Here, you are applying rbind to row bind each list element into a single vector. Lastly, you create a data frame with the symbol and company name information. The Sys.

Data function will store a date object as year, month and then day. Using years with an integer is one way to subtract a specific amount of time from the start. Date end. Date -years 3 To get the Yahoo finance data, the date object has to be changed to simple character objects without a dash.

Using the global substitution function gsub on both start. Within gsubpass in the character pattern to search for, then the replacement characters. In this case the replacing pattern is an empty character in between quotes. The last parameter is the object that gsub will be applied to. The function returns a data frame that has time series information.

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Since you are looking up multiple companies, you can use lapply or pblapply. Pass in the vector of company symbols, then the function, getYahooDataand then the date information. The date objects are recycled parameters each time getYahooData is applied to a stock symbol. Using names with the stocks.

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Now that the elements have names, you can reference them directly. Cloud technology and Data centers colocated with major aggregators, ECNs and liquidity providers guarantee low latency and the fastest order execution on the market. Orders are executed against the full order book using Volume Weighted Average Price. High liquidity, asynchronous spot prices and low latency guarantee the tightest possible spreads.

Using three presentation modes Ozom, Multi-Chart and Detached Chart and three different layouts, you can view the markets exactly the way you want to. Analyse the markets by using our extensive indicator library, build your own custom indicators or combine indicators together by using one as a source for another. Share snapshots of your analysis with other traders or publish your charts directly to forums and social networks using the ChartShot feature. You can even embed and share live charts or market watch tiles using our innovative ChartCasts. ChartShots ChartShots allows you to instantly share a snapshot of your charts in just 2 clicks. Taking a snapshot of your chart in its current form, with your timeframe, zoom level, technical analysis and color schemes intact, will create a unique URL which is opened immediately with multiple sharing options available.


ChartShots allows traders to easily share ideas, trading examples and technical analysis strategies with other users for demonstration or collaboration purposes. Multiple Languages cTrader is currently available in 14 different languages. Currently supported languages: Proxy Connection Our Proxy connection settings allow for easy connectivity from any location, bypassing corporate or public firewalls which can often disrupt connection to trading platform servers and other services. Time Frames and Zoom Levels cTrader charts feature 14 time frames, including 2 Minute, 4 Minute and 12 Hour charts, to suit any trading strategy and help traders develop a market price projection.

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