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Muslim traders — mainly descendants of Arab sailors from Yemen and Oman — dominated maritime routes throughout the Indian Ocean, tapping source regions in the Far East and shipping for trading emporiums in India, westward to Ormus in Persian Gulf and Jeddah in the Red Sea.

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From there, overland routes led to tradong Mediterranean coasts. Venetian merchants distributed tradiing the goods through Europe until the rise of the Ottoman Empirethat eventually led to the fall of Constantinople inbarring Europeans from important combined-land-sea routes. Spice trade Portuguese India Armadas and trade routes blue since Vasco da Gama 's frading and the Spanish Manila-Acapulco galleons trade routes white established in As selivery between India and the Greco-Roman world increased [62] spices became the main import from India to the Western world, [63] bypassing silk and other commodities. Newer means of transport led to the establishment of new routes, and countries opened up borders to allow trade in mutually agreed goods as per the prevailing free trade agreement.

Some old trading route were reopened during the modern times, although in different political and logistical scenarios. Wagonway Networks, like the Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trailbecame prominent in the United States with wagon trains gaining popularity as a mode of long distance overland transportation for both people and goods. The Railway act of England compelled at least one train to a station every day with the third class fares priced at a penny a mile.

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The Trans-Siberian Railway was intended to be used by the Russian government for statioh of Manchuria and later China; the German forces wanted to establish Berlin-Baghdad Railway in order to influence the Near East; and the Austrian government planned a route from Vienna to Salonika for control of the Balkans. Railroads reached their maturity in the early 20th century, as trains carried the bulk of land freight and passenger traffic in the industrialized countries of the world. By the midth century, however, they had lost their preeminent position.

The private automobile had replaced the railroad for short passenger trips, while the airplane had usurped it for long-distance travel, especially in the United States. Railroads remained effective, however, for transporting people in high-volume situations, such as commuting between the centres of large cities and their suburbs, and medium-distance travel of less than about miles between urban centres.

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Although railroads have lost much of the general-freight-carrying business to semi-trailer trucks, they remain the best means of transporting large volumes of such bulk commodities as coal, grain, chemicals, and ore over long distances. The development of containerization has made the railroads more effective in handling finished merchandise at relatively high speeds. In addition, the introduction of piggyback flatcars, in which truck trailers are transported long distances on specially-designed cars, has allowed railroads to regain some of the business lost to trucking.

Modern road networks[ edit ] High-capacity freeway interchange in Los Angeles, California. The advent motor vehicles created a demand for better use of highways.

Automobiles continue to play a crucial role in the economies of the Industrialized countries, resulting in rise of businesses such as motor freight operation and truck transportation. Teading transport and Shipping lane Canals in the US circa Because China feverishly imports commodities and exports relatively little of its own. Thus many more vessels unload on its docks than are needed to ship Chinese cargo elsewhere. The goods China does export more than it imports are manufactured items, which are shipped in container vessels, not the dry bulk ships used by commodities.

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Depivery number of outgoing loaded ships from a region is represented in rays of the same color linking the country of origin to its destination. The width of each outgoing ray is proportional to the number of loaded ships. In ports Down Under, things are the reverse: Australia produces far more commodities like wheat, wool, iron ore, gold, and coal than its own people can consume, and buys few such items from other countries. This means fewer vessels deliver cargo to Australian docks than are needed to carry its raw materials to ports beyond.

That dynamic explains the different cost calculus for ships. The global norm While China and Australia are extreme examples, these dynamics are largely the global norm. Looking at satellite data sinceKalouptsidi and her colleagues determined that most countries are either net importers of commodities—like China and India—or net exporters, such as Australia, Brazil, the US, and Canada. This map shows the difference between exports ships leaving loaded and imports ships arriving loaded over total trade all ships.

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