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Can the two organizations get along long enough to conduct a marllins trade? As far as baseball rivalries go, few have become testier than the Orioles and Red Sox. I find it hard to believe that any deal that is currently on the table for the Marlins would not be there this offseason.

Marlins announce three additions to amateur scouting

As teams have lit up the phones in an effort to pry Machado from the Orioles, the notion that the Boston Red Sox would get involved is intriguing, yet surprising. There are questions regarding whether or not the Red Sox are willing to risk giving up Rafael Devers in any trade. WS, KC, Fla. The Boston Red Sox are in the exact opposite situation.

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They could very easily be talking themselves into making a push. Bostton has to be in normal order for the Orioles and Red Sox to put together a trade that would help both teams accomplish their future goals. Neither of them would cost the Red Sox Rafael Devers and they are all solid trade options. To me, I would wait until the offseason to trade Stanton. Up until now, Miami has been adamant that they are not trading Stanton, but baseball teams are very fluid organizations.

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In the next few years, the year-old third baseman projects to be one of the best players in baseball. To say that both organizations despise each is an understatement. Giants watched Peavy in Toronto tonight.

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