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By default, proc corr uses pairwise deletion for missing observations, meaning that a pair of observations one from each variable in the pair being correlated is included if both values are non-missing. We first show the entire output; then we break the output into pieces and explain each part. Label — This is the label of the variable the variable label. This graph shows you the strength and direction of the relationship between the two variables just like the correlation coefficient.

The CORR Procedure

Also, you can cprr either continuous optionz dichotomous e. Pearson Correlation Coefficients — These numbers measure the strength and direction of the linear relationship between the two variables. For example, if the science test was too easy for most students, the upper range of the scale would be restricted and the correlation coefficient would not reflect the true correlation between science and the other variables. The correlation coefficient can be misleading if the range of the variable is restricted.

The correlation matrix

From the scatterplot of the variables read and write below, we can see that the points tend along a line going from the bottom left to the upper right, which is the same as saying that the correlation is positive. Minimum and Maximum — These are the smallest and largest values of the variable, respectively. You can make a scatterplot matrix just like you can make a correlation matrix. This is the value obtained if you added up all of the values for that variable. You can think of the correlation coefficient as telling you the extent to which you can guess the value of one variable given a value of the other variable.

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If the correlation was higher, the points would tend to be closer to the line; if it was smaller, they would tend to Peoc further away from the line. Sum — This is the sum of the variable. N — This is the number of valid i. Variable — This gives the list of variables that were used to create the correlation matrix. A variable correlated with itself will always have a correlation coefficient of 1.

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