Metatrader 4 candlestick analysis indicator

A text object with the name of the identified candle pattern is placed above the candle. The indicator works on any time frame with any pair. Input Parameters Candlestick patterns are based on the following input parameters: WickMultiple — The wick multiple determines the length of the wick in relation to the candle body. The wick multiple is defaulted at 2. The hammer, for instance, has a lower wick twice the size of its body. CandleMultiple — This will determine the size of the candle body in relation to the wick. The candle multiple is defaulted at 2.

The black candle, for instance, has a body twice the length of the upper and lower wicks.

About the Japanese Candlestick Patterns indicator

The higher the number entered, the larger the range, the less accurate the candlestick analysis. The user determines the period range. For instance, the hammer is the lowest low for a period range. The candlestick calculations below explain if period range is used. CandleFontSize — The font size in the text objects above each recognized candle pattern is determined by the user.

Japanese Candlestick Patterns Indicator

This is defaulted at font size 7. The remaining input parameters are the candlestick patterns that are recognized in the program; see below for a complete list with calculations. The parameters allow the user to decide what colour the candle patterns are. If none is chosen, the pattern will not appear. Candlestick Calculations The following candle types are identified, with calculations explained.

All candlestick patterns have candle accuracy built into them: Black White Candle — the closing opening price is higher than the opening closing price, the candle body is defaulted to twice the length of both the upper and lower wicks Spinning Top — Upper and lower wicks are defaulted to a candlestick multiple of greater than twice the size of the candle. The Pattern Recognition Master indicator claims to identify 10 popular candlestick patterns 5 bullish and 5 bearish patterns. Each individual candlestick pattern can be turned on or off.

Alerts for each individual pattern can be turned on or off as well. It also has the option to set a separate color for each pattern. Of the 3 indicators listed on this page, this is the only one that allows you to assign a separate color to each candlestick pattern. It uses abbreviated labels, which keeps the chart less cluttered, and includes an onscreen legend to help you identify each pattern that is highlighted.

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Click to enlarge image. Sounds good, right? Actually, there are several problems with this indicator that kept me from ranking it higher. This indicator also seems to think almost anything with a long wick is a shooting star or hammer, regardless of how large the real body is. As a result, it will label any hanging man as a hammer and any inverted hammer as a shooting star. On a more general note, this indicator works on candlestick shapes alone — not context.

Candlestick patterns are useless if they are not traded within the proper context dandlestick the market. Candle Patterns Indicator was designed to identify over 30 popular candlestick patterns. Instead, you chose from strong reversals, weak reversals, continuations, and unclassified patterns. You have to turn these patterns on or off in groups, which I found to be problematic more on this later. Morning star and evening star patterns are identified by this candlestick pattern indicator, which is an improvement over the previous indicator.

It can identify hanging man and inverted hammer patterns as well, so the hammer and shooting star patterns are identified more accurately. In the section of the chart pictured below, there were no hammer patterns. The indicator did not identify any hammer patterns, which is accurate. Compare that to the previous chart, where 4 hammers where identified incorrectly. So why am I not recommending this indicator?

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There are several serious problems with this candlestick pattern indicator that keep me from ranking it higher. For instance, it considers the inverted hammer, hanging man, dark cloud coverbullish piercingand other weak to moderately strong patterns to be strong reversal patterns which they are not. Just like the last indicator mentioned, this one also identifies candlestick patterns out of context, although it does a better job at identifying hammers and shooting stars. This can make it difficult to, for instance, measure from the high or low of a candlestick using the measuring tool.

You also get random candlesticks with just an arrow and no label from time to time see the image above — bottom anqlysis. I believe it is, by far, the best candlestick pattern indicator for MT4. Steve Nison is THE authority on candlesticks. He is responsible for introducing Japanese candlestick trading to the Western world. You can use full or abbreviated labels pictured belowso you can keep your charts uncluttered.

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