Metatrader 4 trailing stop loss and trailing stop limit

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Once the price falls below the stop level, the position will be closed at the current market pricewhich prevents any further losses. Whereas a regular stop loss has a fixed value and can be manually readjusted, the trailing stop automatically shadows the price movementfollowing the stock's rising price action. Over a period of time, the trailing stop will self-adjust, moving from minimizing losses to protecting profits as the price reaches new highs. To better understand a trailing stop, let's consider an example.

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Trailimg way, the trailing stop will follow the day's high by the predefined amount. So, setting a stop too close may cause you to get stopped out more quickly than you hoped. One of the greatest features of a trailing stop is that it allows you to specify the amount you are willing to lose without limiting the amount of profit you will take. Workings of a Trailing Stop Consider a stock with a: The net gain would be 75 cents per share less commissions. During a temporary price dip, it's important that you don't don't reset your trailing stop.

If you do, your effective stop loss may end up lower than what you had bargained for. By the same token, reining in a trailing stop loss is advisable when you see momentum peaking in the charts, especially when the stock is hitting a new high.

Take another look at our example above. This allows for some flexibility in the stock's price movement while ensuring that the stop is triggered before a substantial pullback can occur. A good active trader always maintains the option to close a position at any time by submitting a sell order at market. As soon as profit in points becomes equal to or higher than the specified level, command to place the Stop Loss order will be given automatically.

Trailing Stop

The order level is set at the specified distance from the current price. Further, if price changes in the more profitable direction, trailing stop will make the Stop Loss level follow the price automatically, but if profitability of the position falls, the order will not be modified anymore. Thus, the profit of the trade position is fixed automatically. After each automatic Stop Loss order modificationa record will be made in the terminal journal.

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Trailing stop can be disabled by setting "None" in managing menu. And trailing stops of all open annd and pending orders will be disabled if the "Delete All" command of the same menu has been executed. This is why it will not work, unlike the above orders, if the terminal is off. In this case, only the Stop Loss level will trigger that has been set by trailing stop. Trailing Stop is processed once per tick.

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