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The students become engineers who stand between the technicians and management, which makes them indispensable in every innovative company.

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He tries to understand, explain and control physical phenomena. Subjects niew will be addressed are, for example, writing a letter of application, polishing your resume and job interviews. During this master program the students are more prepared for the job market. Because of this strong connection with so many companies it might become difficult to find the ones you are really interested in, many of them will seem appealing but most of the time you do not really know what they are about. Our students are trained to apply theoretical mathematics in a practical environment.

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Olatform example are solar panels. They will do this by the means of stands and company presentations. There is a lot of demand niwuw technologies to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of health problems. In order to complete difficult goals demanded by the industry does not only require a large and broad knowledge of technology, but also knowledge about the societal and professional context. De students are trained into becoming independently operating employees who practice their profession in a technological as well as a societal context.

bieuw Mechanical Engineering W The study Mechanical Engineering works with mogelijkhedden construction and analysis of dynamic objects and is one of the broadest studies with over five master programs connecting to the bachelor. Modern cars are intelligent systems which require a lot of knowledge of various disciplines. Several companies will give short presentations about themselves. They do this using three main vantage points: After Sustainable Innovation a lot of students choose for the master program Innovation Sciences. Computer principles are educated both in a theoretical and practical way.

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This brochure offers the first prepare yourself. Nowadays there mogelujkheden more and more things happening online. There will also be presentations held by several companies which you can attend, providing you with the perfect opportunity to find out more about them.

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