Plz advice a cheap but permenent retaining wall solution

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solutipn Place the next course of units in a running bond pattern i. Pull each unit forward until it locks with the nib on the unit below. Place the drainage material behind the second course of units. Stack units, placing drainage material and compact backfill for each block height layer until your wall is complete.

Fixing capping units Place capping units, if required, on the top course. Some capping may require the wdvice of nibs from the top course of blocks. Please consult with regulating council for local design requirements prior to the construction of any retaining wall. Councils in general require that retaining walls be designed and certified by a suitably qualified engineer where the wall is over 0.

Vist-A-Wall Precast Panel Walls

Simple steps should include: Prior to removing stains, we suggest that the type of stain be carefully assessed before action proceeds. Incorrect assessment can lead to the stain being more difficult to remove. If the stain cannot be accurately assessed, then we would recommend that a trial process on a small portion of the stained area be undertaken to determine the most appropriate action. Rain will generally dissolve efflorescence and gradually wash it out of the paver or block over time. How does Deltalok work?

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Soil excavated from the site is often an adequate filling material. The seeds then germinate, take root and grow through the front face of the bag, giving the wall its vegetated surface. In time, the roots grow into and through the back of the bag and into the bank behind it, further securing the structure. In addition to pre-seeding, the Deltalok Bags accommodate many other forms of planting, including shrubs and trees. Options include live planting; brush layering; hydro-seeding and live staking.

How does Deltalok work?

You may choose one or a combination of planting options, allowing you to blend your structure with the environment around it. How many bags will I need? Deltalok is incredibly versatile in how it can be used in many different applications. Different applications benefit from different installation methods, therefore the number of bags required will depend upon the specific project and factors such as height, gradient and ground conditions. Our team of Deltalok experts is on hand to help you through every step of the process, from initial enquiry to providing full guidelines and technical drawings for your Deltalok project. As a rough guide, once filled, you will need 14 bags per square metre of wall face.

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