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2017-2018 Christmas / New Year Trading Schedule

Exchanye are countries that choose not to trade on certain days, which of course markt its impact on such an indicator as volatility. During holidays, especially if we are talking about the holidays celebrated in America and Europe, at the forex market the rates of the large majority of the currency pairs are not changing for one simple reason: Therefore intraday trading in such a period is not recommended. To Work or Not? There might be various situations that a trader unable to foresee.

FOREX Market Holidays: all you need to know about closed trading days in 2018

However, this is rather an exception than a rule, Foreigj at holiday times forex market is usually sluggish and inert. This you will also learn from forex forecasts. Traders Need Rest Too Better use this time to good purpose: Your company or dealing center have to provide you with all the relevant information, including forex market news containing essential data such as holiday time. Related Columns With all the hype surrounding the cryptomarket since its spectacular rise in value inthere are not many people who haven't heard about cryptocurrencies, including According to statistical evidence collected by Warwick Business School, women traders outperform men by 1.

So while women statistically trade 'less' than men Fundamental analysis is an approach to analyzing the markets by taking into account factors such as the social, economic and political issues.

These factors tend to influence the supply and demand To trade mrket a financial market, you need capital. Capital is used to buy an instrument if excnange analysis shows that its price could increase in value, markwt leading to capital Stay on the lookout for profit-taking opportunities and quick reversals around psychological levels and inflection points. Price action is more likely to be subdued anyway, so take some time to kick back and relax. The Christmas break offers most traders a chance to review their performance for the year and identify things that they could still improve on in preparation for the upcoming trading year. Besides, with the eventful year that was, traders might take a much-needed break when they get the chance, allowing the markets to regroup as well.

This should allow you to look ahead to the next few months and identify potential market catalysts that may be beneficial.

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With that said, I marmet you enjoy a meaningful and prosperous Christmas holiday this year, whether it means wxchange a few extra pips to add to your account for the year or rewarding yourself with a healthy break. Happy holidays! Risk warning: Please ensure that you understand fully the risks involved and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. This makes sense as traders start to chill out as Santa starts warming up his sled.

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I decided to do some research of my own and see how true this was. I decided to ecxhange volatility by comparing the average pip movement high minus exchnage of the week before Christmas to to the pip movement during Christmas Week. I calculated the average of these values from toexcludingsince there was some crazy volatility in December of that year. As you can see, some of our favorite pairs all showed declines in pip movement during Christmas week. Average pip movement dropped by Now how can we use this information to guide us in our trading?

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