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Between eating less, and burning body fat for energy in a low-insulin environment - that combination is very powerful for losing weight particularly easily. And stay the hell out of the middle of the grocery store, that's where all the garbage is. The food industry makes a ton of money from all the cheap processed food they produce, the pharmaceutical companies make a ton of money from all the medications people need because they're so sick from these sugar-laden processed foods, and the healthcare industry makes a ton of money from all the inpatient and outpatient care everyone needs. You don't have to do Keto if the fat thing bothers you, but at the very least, eliminate sugar and processed foods from your life and you will thank yourself handsomely.

The people who make all the processed foods, the soft drink companies, the big pharmaceutical companies, the healthcare industry So I add Himalayan salt to my breakfast and dinner.

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Which eventually leads to a "screw this" attitude, and you fail at your diet attempt. This is when the obesity problem began to arise, and eventually spiral out of control to where we are today - in a full blown epidemic as a morbidly obese, disease ridden, pill-popping nation. It triggers the same pleasure centers in the brain as cocaine and heroine or any other drug. Why is it so easy to overeat carbohydrates and sugar? So Wait They aren't. I'm sure it sounds like way too much, and you're probably thinking "how is that even possible anyway?

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