Trade on margin nifty futures

It future a percentage of the purchase price of the index or stock futures based Trare the software SPAN. Brokers said, in this case, the exposure margin would be roughly Rs 24, So, traders who paid Rs 64, as initial margin until now will have to deposit Rs 88, as total upfront margin, which is almost 38 per cent higher, for buying Nifty futures. Meanwhile, the larger brokers have figured out a way to lower the overall upfront margins after July 2.


Ttade But brokers seldom asked their clients to bring in Tradf margin and ended up paying the exchanges from their pocket by borrowing from the clearing corporations. Traders will have to fork out higher initial margins for futures and options positions from July 2 as the capital markets regulator and exchanges look to discourage wild bets on stocks as part of their efforts to reduce the risks to the system. Brokers said the upfront margin requirements could rise by at least per cent from current levels, likely affecting trade volumes.

The bigger traders, who take multiple bets in a day, could end up becoming choosier.

In addition to the initial or SPAN margin, there is another deposit called exposure margin, which brokers were expected to collect from their clients for trading in derivatives at the time of initiating a trade. The move to compulsorily collect exposure margins from trader clients will impact volumes in the futures and options segment. Jun 27, This practice is set to change starting July 2. Punts in equity derivatives are set to get dearer starting next week. The lower liquidity could widen the bid-ask prices in various stock futures, thereby increasing the cost of trading further.

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Brokers said, in such a situation, the increase in the total upfront margin cost SPAN and exposure could come down from an average per cent to per cent. In short, the overall upfront margins will go up from 7 per cent to 11 per cent. Hindi 0Comments. The exposure margins are different for various indices and stocks.

Margins for Nifty Future:

For instance, if a trader buys nidty lot of Nifty futures valued at over Rs 8 lakh, the SPAN margin — calculated based on om of the share— is roughly Rs 64, which is about 7 per cent of the contract value. Read this article in: That is why it is called SPAN margin. Upfront margin is like a deposit that traders should have in their account at the time of placing a trade in futures and options.

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