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Still, you were protected on the downside for the past year, and you've profited with the stock as it increased.

There are also secondary benefits. The knowledge that your pit holding is insured may make you comfortable enough to nibble on newly beaten-down opportunities you see, or to keep holding the other, smaller positions you already own. At the very least, with your key positions insured, you won't run for the hills and sell out at the very worst times. And when the markets recover, you'll participate. When to use puts It's not cheap to insure large positions for long periods of time, especially in today's environment. But in these times, that up-front cost can be dwarfed by the losses you might then avoid.

Generally, you should consider put options as insurance for positions that are large or vital in your portfolio, or that face more risk now than you originally presumed. Here again, the most liquid choice is the 3-year put option.

How much will it cost? NSE Website. Pirtfolio the strike inxurance is less than the existing stock price or index level. The Nifty is now trading close to 10, and the premium for Nifty put option will fall significantly, if the investor is ready to buy options with strike prices of 9, or 9, The investor would incur the cost of the put less any dividends received during that period. Investors also have the choice to sell a covered call in combination with the protective put to generate an ongoing income in a flat market. While the best time to buy into the market is when prices are low, this is usually during uncertain times.

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Having insurance on your equity portfolio during uncertain times gives you peace of mind to buy stock when you usually may not have. What happens if the stock increases in value? The investor will be entitled to the upside in the underlying stock as well as the other benefits for owning the stock mentioned above. The breakeven point would be worked out as follows: In other words, the strategy is beneficial in a falling or rising market. In a flat market investors also have the conference of the protection and can look to sell covered calls alongside the protective put to help reduce the cost of the protection further — please refer to the collar strategy guide for more information.

Important information Gearing involves risk. It can magnify your returns, however it may also magnify your losses. In the options market you, dear reader, can be like the casino. Yet another, perhaps more telling, analogy is that of the insurance company.

Optiojs of the bounty of promises that get paid for opptions this industry. The automobile insurer makes a promise to buy you a new car in the event of an accident. The health insurance company promises to pay your medical bills if you get put in the hospital. The life insurance company promises to cut your beneficiaries a check if you slip on a banana peel at the Grand Canyon. Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera. The Geicos, Farmers and All States of the world get paid every single month in exchange for making promises they very rarely have to make good on.

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Contract Specs To set the foundation for your venture, a brief review of options basics is in order. Here is the definition: A put option is a contract that gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to sell a stock at a specific price on or before a specific date. Traders that buy puts, then, acquire the right to sell a stock. Which, I suppose, begs the question — who are they selling the stock to? The answer is simple. Remember, options can be both bought and sold. There is always two parties to every transaction.

Buying an option brings rights, but selling brings obligations. And do you know what another word for obligation is? A promise. Put buyers i. Put sellers i.


By the way, the reasons someone might purchase the put are myriad. Maybe they own Twitter stock and want to protect it. Or maybe the trader has some bullish options position in Twitter and wants merely to hedge the trade. Now, the option seller.

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Consider that the compensation for your troubles. The next question to tackle is why someone would want to sell a put. The Casino You want to be a casino by making promises you rarely have to make good on.

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