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Outcome One: Outcome Two: Furthermore, some sell puts with the intention of being assigned so that they can then sell recogds calls on the stock. This is why you sometimes hear of naked puts as the front end of a covered call strategy. As with any strategy, understanding the relevant numbers is crucial. Here are the relevant metrics for the naked put: Furthermore, suppose the put delta is 0. That means the put needs to expire out-of-the-money. The maximum risk will only be incurred if Twitter were to fall to zero in the next month — a virtual impossibility.

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The breakeven and cost basis are identical to the max risk. To OOption clear, this means the naked pt is a high probability neutral to bullish strategy. It can even profit if the stock falls a little bit, just not too much. Understanding the probability of profit requires you know something about the Greek delta. Just remember this relationship, the lower the delta, the higher the probability of profit. This speaks to the degree of control you have when establishing your position. Selling low delta, far out-of-the-money puts offers a higher probability but a lower reward. Alternatively, selling higher delta, close-to-the-money or even at-the-money puts offer a lower probability but higher reward.

As with all things in the trading world, you pick your poison. The final metric is the margin requirement or collateral required to place the trade. It needs a bit more explanation and is deserving of a separate section.

Naked vs. Because it is a more advanced strategy, it often requires you to get a certain level of trading authority before being able to use it. Check with your broker to see what is needed. The exact amount will vary depending on which strike prices you select. The beauty of having your broker only require a small percentage of the stock price is it increases the potential return on investment. Now, if the stock falls in value, the margin requirement can increase. By a lot. You can see why traders are less enthused about selling puts in IRA accounts.

So why do traders go naked?

I think the main reason to avoid the cost of insurance. There are two ways to pay for the risk on any trade: For insurance sellers, this is a cost which reduces the potential profit on a trade. So some traders simply go naked to avoid the cost. However, there are some very important guidelines that must be followed.

hrading Naked trades should be careful monitored and closed whenever your loss meets a pre-defined limit. Your brokerage company also monitors your trades and may close our your positions without recourse if they believe you are not handling the account responsibly. They may also close the account and bill you for any loss in excess of your capital. Do not let this happen!

You may need to explain that it is needed for your class. For more, see our trwding on Risk Management. Puts involve the right to sell things, and pug wouldn't want that? Investors use Puts to protect their portfolio from loss when prices drop. So, first, let's review what we know about Covered Calls and Puts, Review: If the Call expires OTM, then you simply keep the cash. If the Call expires ITM, then the stock will be taken from you at the exercise price. This used to collect income whenever stock prices are dropping a little.

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The more time to expiration that you sell the further you are able to move away from the underlying stock or index. The third dynamic is that options that have more time to expiration are more traxing adjusted. Credit spread adjustment methodologies are outside the scope of this article and for more information pkt how to adjust credit spreads please visit Monthly Cash Thru Options or contact us. How one determines which option or spread to sell will be based on desired risk appetite and current thesis: If you choose to sell the option that has 16 days until expiration the strike price of the option will be closest to the underlying 2. The option that has 46 days until expiration provides the largest cushion from the underlying stock or index 3.

The option that has 31 days until expiration offers a mix of both distance from the underlying 3. The shorter-dated options provide a margin for error in that time is working in your favor with each passing day, even if the market is moving against your position, as long as it remains out of the money.

Options Trading: How to Determine the Best Options to Sell

Moreover, the longer time frames allow a trader to more easily adjust a position that has come under pressure. Futures would be another good derivative for hedging this sort of exposure, but we are an options trading service and this is purely an example to explain the mechanics of hedging and speculation with options. The grower could buy some puts to hedge his future income. Puts give him the right to sell his corn at a specific price at an agreed date. Options give the right but not the obligation to sell at expiration. He will simply not exercise the contract because he can sell his corn in the spot market for a better price. The orange line gives the growers profit at different prices.

The payoff of the put black line directly opposes the payoff of selling his corn in the market blue line and hence the two cancel out giving a predictable, certain result orange line. The above chart ignores the option premium. That value comes at a cost.

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The grower trades some of his potential upside profits for a ptu profit should the price of corn move against him. He is paying some money in the form of a put premium to insure against an undesirable outcome. We now move on to a different example: Many people like to invest in precious metals mining stocks.

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