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The absolute lack of tradeoffs and costs is where Pot of Greed really fails wxchange a card. For a more detailed reasoning for why this card is banned I found a discussion on Reddit that expands on my points. Another thing that is really important in TCGs is the ability to play cards at no cost. If you take two of the most powerful things you can possibly have in a TCG and combine them into a single card, that card will probably be broken.

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Some similar cards from other TCGs include Divination from Magic which exhange 3 mana exxhange Bill from Pokemon which has no direct cost, but is of a class of cards called Supporters that allow for only 1 supporter to be played in a turn, giving it a fairly high potential opportunity cost. I read today about a couple that play MTG with a max of 2 copies to increase the variance and lets them play longer before the decks get stale because there's so many more interesting decisions to make. Having access to more cards means you have access to more options, and Yu-Gi-Oh is no exception to this. It greatly increases your card quality and deck consistency. There's little to no variability on how the deck plays.

These massive scale TCGs turn into more frameworks than actual games, it seems. Some draw-smoothing goes a long way to making card games feel more strategic than just "can I topdeck the thing I need?

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Being able to run 3 of these cards makes it acrd that you both see more cards and are more likely to see the cards you need at the current moment in the game. There's a sweet spot of randomness vs. This is often one of tradiny most difficult concepts for people to grasp when learning to build decks, and ties in to the opportunity cost of drawing a "nice" card that isn't one of your core cards. Many wouldn't consider that fun because they really want to draw into their big Dragon or Titan and see their rule as crippling. For these reasons it is a card that will go into every single deck which is usually considered a bad thing because it decreases the diversity of cards being played and tends to make those cards very expensive.

If there's one thing I've learned reading Blogatog it's that there's so many different ways people play games and for different reasons.

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