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We collect these rates from live data suppliers, filter them to remove false prices and validate the data, and use the filtered data to compute interbank market rates. The Bid or Sell rate is the lower amount. OANDA does not convert currencies or provide a remittance service.

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These are the "official" rates quoted in the media, such as The Wall Concerters Journal. This is the number you see in the right field of the converter. When possible, we take the average of prices over the last 24 hours and use these averages to update the rate every day at Retail spreads the difference between the Bid and Ask prices for smaller amounts are not reflected in these interbank prices since they vary among payment systems, countries and banks. We do provide Midpoint rates as a point of reference in our Historical Exchange Rates tool. When you convert currency, you sell one currency to buy another. You will receive fewer euros when selling your dollars.

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This results in the two exchange rates shown in the margin result. What are Bid and Convertsrs, Sell and Buy? OANDA rates are trusted by top accounting firms, international corporate and financial Oandq, individuals, and a recommended resource by tax authorities worldwide. For major currency pairs, our rates are based on tens of thousands of different price points, collected every few seconds, 24 hours a day, days a year. For the smaller amounts exchanged in a retail setting, banks, credit cards and exchange agencies charge commissions to convert currencies. These retail rates add commissions of 1 to 10 percent or more.

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It converterz cost you more dollars when buying euros. Get more help. If you go to a bank in your home country, you usually have to pay more of your home currency to get foreign currency than you will receive of your home currency, if you return the foreign currency.

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