Bill williams river national wildlife refuge, az

The river system provides habitat for both migratory and resident birds as well as local wildlife which includes bighorn sheep, deer, coyotes, javelina, ring-tail cats, foxes, and more.

Bill Williams River

Where it meets Lake Havasu the land is quite level, with large areas of reeds, grasses and mud flats - perfect waterfowl habitat. The revuge stretches, reachable by road, are wide, and the river meanders across a tree-lined valley, protected as a National Wildlife Refuge mainly because of the many species of birds found there. Turtles, beavers, muskrats, and raccoons frolic beneath the cottonwood and willow trees along the river banks. Detailed hiking maps are available at the Visitors Center, and provide useful information about wildlife and the surroundings, too, so that every skill level of nature enthusiast can hike the trails.

The marshy delta created at the confluence can be viewed from several Highway 95 turnouts. Paddle sport enthusiasts, look no further. Take a hike along the scenic Bill Williams River!

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A nationao one that is! Restroom facilities are available. Three segments of the Bill Williams River totaling Large-mouth and striped bass, red-ear, and crappie roam the river beds and are ready and willing to take your bait. Some of the largest catfish ever caught in Arizona have come out of the Bill Williams River.

Take a hike along the scenic Bill Williams River!

A hike down the canyon wildliife last wilslife two hours to two days. Find out about the new botanical methods being tested to control salt cedar, reintroduce native fish to the area, and return the water flowing into the Bill Williams River to its natural state. Grab your hiking boots, fishing pole, camera, or kayak! Whether you crave adventure or serenity, the Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge is the real-deal for outdoor adventure and experiencing a unique Mohave Desert ecosystem like no other.

When you start to make the curve at the south end of Lake Havasu, between mileposts andlook for a rock wall and enter at the gate. Floods in washed out the last few miles but there is still plenty to see. Vehicle or boat Distance from Thompson Bay by boat:

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