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This unique program gives traders the possibility to code their own strategy and wrap it up into a robot. Or, indicator.

Using MT4 Mobile trading

Second, traders use the Strategy Tester. Ibdicators tool tests the strategy on historical prices. After all, it is essential to check the chances of any trading strategy to make money in the future. How come? Instead of using manual testing, the tester does that very fast, providing a clear statement of past performance. Types of Trading Orders Trading orders belong to automated trading too. All traders know that having a stop loss is mandatory. It helps contain the risk in a trading account. Also, a take profit defines the reward. Or, the target.

Hence, after buying or Cusom a currency pair, the stop loss and the take profit levels contain the price metatdader. Once the price reaches them, the Metatrader 4 executes them automatically. This is done either: More precisely, we should ask what is Forex through the eyes of a trading platform? Balance is the first. When traders deposit funds, this is where it goes. In the balance, which will stay unchanged until a trade is open. And, margin.

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Moreover, in the middle, the equity of an Cuetom plays the leading role. It shows the true value of a trading account at any moment in time. For this reason, the balance misleads traders. Traders should focus on the equity in the Metatrader 4 account, rather than on balance.

Furthermore, the leverage dictates the margin available and the percentage required for a trade. One separate warning here should metatradef traders aware than the margin differs for various currency pairs. Namely, trading some pairs requires more margin than others. Tips and Tricks When Using the Metatrader 4 Platform The Metatrader 4 has so many features it is impossible to cover them all in this article.

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Instead, we emphasized the most important ones. However, there are still some tips and tricks to metatradee when trading with the Metatrader 4, like: From that moment on, on any new chart, just load the template, and the setup appears instantly. What is this good for? Well, one minor thing comes to mind: Metatrader 4 Limitations In some parts of the world, the financial authorities imposed strict regulations to protect the retail trader further. The best example comes from the United States. And, it banned hedging. Instead of adapting the Metatrader 4 to the new U. The MT5. The two are the main differences between the platforms, and anything else is pretty much similar.

It covers everything a trader needs to know, from the opening of a Forex account to the actual trading. For instance, the automated trading with Expert Advisors needs further explanations. The function tab allows you to add any indicator to your chart. You can choose from the default set of indicators from the MT4 mobile trading app such as moving averages, Bollinger bands and any oscillators as well. Quick Navigation: The quick navigation tab on your screen can be used to switch between different trading instruments. Note that you can see only the instruments that you have added, outlined in the quotes tab 1. Time Frame: Using the time frame tab, you can quickly navigate between any of the standard time frames that are available from M1 — Monthly.

The trade tab can be used to place orders. Note that you can trade on the instrument that you are currently viewing. To trade another instrument, you need to use the Quick Navigation tab to your preferred instrument and trade accordingly Settings: The setting icon will show you more customizations including changing the chart types, choosing between line, candlestick or bar charts and so on.

MT4 Mobile Trading – Navigation

Main Window: The main window displays the tab that you are on currently. While the above screenshot shows the chart tab, switching to the History tab will reveal the screen showing you your trade history. You will then see different options. Choices are limited as most packages are for sale, and do not allow custom indicators anyway. There is Argo which is actually quite nice, and would be possible to use. However, to figure out how to run it would also require time, and a lot of fiddling.

Make my own charting and trading app. A LOT of work, but I thought the best solution. It is clear that all of these choices leave a lot to be desired. I have today finally found out the best solution for my situation which I would like to share.

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