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If the dollar had continued to weaken against the yen, falling further to a record low eMtatrader, say, A lack of progress in talks aimed at raising the US debt ceiling has weighed down on the US currency. The US dollar continues to weaken against the Canadian dollar and reaches a low of 0. You decided to take your profits at this point. Our new price is 0.

You sold at 0. If the dollar had bounced back against the Canadian dollar to 0. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may chck be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well levrrage for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

MT4 Trading Platform Tutorials 1. Run the downloaded software Click the "next" to begin install Wait for the installation to finish Click Finish 2.

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How To Change MT4 Password To change your password login to your MetaTrader 4 platform and proceed to the menus which run across the top left of the platform. Click Tools then scroll down to the Options tab. In the Options window, select the Server tab, enter your password if it's not already there, then click on the Change button. The Change Password window will appear. Enter the current password in field marked Enter then ew password in the field marked Confirm your new password in the field marked Click OK Please note that your password must be at least 5 symbols long and must consist of a mix of lower and uppercase letters as well as at least 1 digit.

Finish by clicking the OK button in the Options window. You will need to select the Symbol you wish to trade, the Volume in terms of lot size. Click either Sell by Market or Buy by Market. Please execute your order first, you will then be able to apply Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

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Under Type select Leveragd Order. Under a Pending Order Type select one Metwtrader Buy Stop - an order to open a Buy position at a price higher than the price at the moment of placing the order. Sell Stop - an order to open a Sell position at a price lower than the price at the moment of placing the order. Buy Limit - an order to open a Buy position at a lower price than the price at the moment of placing the order. Sell Limit - an order to Mefatrader a Sell position at a price higher than eMtatrader price at the moment of placing the order. Click Place.

In the Market Order are make the changes you want to the chec. Once valid levels are specified, the trade can be entered by clicking on Modify the long, horizontal bar Metatradfr the bottom of the screen. Select Close Metatrzder in the menu that appears. What Is Metahrader Trailing Stop? You can use trailing stop orders to help protect profits without limiting leerage potential gains on your open positions. MetaTrader 4 will Mtatrader place the trailing stop that follows the checo up as far as the welght moves. For example if you set a trailing stop at 10 points and the market moves up points in your favour the trailing stop will now be set at 90 points above where you entered.

If the market then reverses points it will still close you out at 90 pips above where you entered. This is beneficial for traders who want to protect their profits and to take advantage of large moves. Without a trailing stop if you set a normal 10 point stop and the market moved points against you after going up points, you would have lost 10 points, instead of locking in 90 points as in the above example 8. Select Trailing Stop in the menu that appears. The Trailing Stop drop-down menu also contains the Custom… menu option. When you select this, you can enter a specific number of points in the Custom window. Select the Trade tab in the popup window and tick the box next to One Click Trading.

Read the Disclaimer then tick the box to Accept the Terms and Conditions. Next click OK. Click OK again in the Options window to close the window and start trading. How To Create Reports On MT4 To create a report or account statement login to your MetaTrader 4 platform and proceed to the menus which run across the top left of the platform. Click on the Account History tab bottom left hand corner of the MT4 platform. Right click on your mouse anywhere within the terminal window. Pip Spacing: With Pip spacing you can limit the amount of trades opened in your account by a Trader on a given currency pair and on the nearly-the-same price only by specifying your entry rate range value in pips!

Pending orders: Then you set 10 as your Pip Spacing value on the Advanced Settings per currency section. All others trades with an entry rate of less than 10 pips away will be rejected. The trade will be rejected on user's account. Again, the trade will be rejected as the entry rate is closer than the pip spacing value of 10 pips from the first trade received. The rate is 1. Trade will be received as it exceeds the predefined pip spacing value. Lock Trader: This function enables you to receive only the opening signals of Traders, while opting out from any subsequent updates or closing signal.

Once a Trader is locked, the icon will change to a secured lock icon. You can unlock a locked Trader at any time — please note that any trades opened as locked because the Trader was locked at the time of opening will remain locked and should be handled by you, or you may unlock them from the Positions tab so as to receive subsequent updates. Time Filter: By clicking weiggt the Clock weihht, you can set different weekly trading times for the specific Trader. If you configure the Time Filter for a Lverage, the Clock icon will be highlighted so as to indicate that the trading time intervals vary for at least one time interval.

Configure Currencies: By clicking at the Pencil icon, you can set different advanced settings per currency pair for the specific Trader. If you Configure Currencies for a Trader, the pencil icon will be highlighted so as to indicate that the settings for each currency pair are not the same across this Trader but they actually vary for at least one currency pair. This mode is aimed to be used with rather unsuccessful Traders, aiming towards profits from reversing their bad trading skills. If he has set a 25 pips stop, then your trade will receive a 25 pips limit, and if he has set a 50 pips limit your trade will receive a 50 pips stop.

Reverse feature is available on the Custom Settings per Currency, by clicking on the pencil icon. So the riskier your portfolio, the more Margin Call-o-Meter moves from green to red and displays relevant warning messages. The Margin Call-o-meter is simply a precautionary measure that we take to inform our clients about their exposure. Top ii.


Custom VS Auto mode Metatrader 4 check leverage weight Custom Mode, you may configure your own settings and based on those the system will calculate your risk of receiving a Margin Call. The Margin Call-o-Meter in Custom Mode calculates risk based on the pessimistic scenario that your selected Traders may execute in the future the worst drawdown recorded per currency simultaneously, whereas the Risk Meter in Auto Mode is more optimistic and considers the overall annual account drawdown. As a result, the Margin Call-o-Meter may calculate higher risk value than the Risk Meter Bar for the same portfolio settings.

Top iii. Add a Trader By pressing this you will be redirected to our Traders Page ; here you will see our vast selection of Traders. You may select any Trader at any time to auto trade your account; there is no limit set from our side to how many Traders you will use - this depends entirely on the potential of your account. Please find the Trader s you wish to add to your portfolio and click on the icon of the Trader. Once you select the Trader you wish to add to your portfolio, you will have to specify the number of lots per trade and the maximum number of trades you wish the particular Trader to open in your account.

You can of course change these settings anytime from your account. You may also opt to include some or all trades the Trader has currently open at his account. Top iv. Top v. If the Trader was enabled, pressing the button will disable him; this will be indicated by highlighting the Trader in Red. Accordingly, if the Trader was disabled, pressing the button will enable him, removing the Red highlight. You can re-enable a disabled Trader and vice-versa at any given time. After a Trader has been disabled, he will not be able to open any new trades in your account.

You can of course close down open trades manually any time you wish. Top vi.

Remove Trader On the left of each Trader there is a bullet checkbox — if you wish to Remove a Trader from your portfolio you need checi first click cehck the bullet checkbox to select the Trader and then click on the Remove Trader button. Lsverage will remove the Trader you have selected from your portfolio. Of course, you can add this Trader again to your portfolio at any given time. After a Trader has been removed, he will not be able to open any new trades in your account. You can of course close down open trades manually anytime you wish. Top vii. You can filter out the Traders that interest you and group them based on key attributes like performance, profitability and potential, share your lists and preferences to fellow Users and go through all public lists and get information that will help you build your portfolio of Traders.

Platform Tutorials

Top viii. Reset Changes This button is to be used if you wish to undo the latest changes you made to your Trader Portfolio, and revert back to your last saved settings. Top ix. It basically calculates the potential profit your account could have with trades of specific Traders, executed under different parameters. First you need to select the parameters under which your account would be trading; starting balance, leverage and base currency. By default the system will provide your current account balance, leverage and base currency, but you may change them. You can also set the timeframe 3m, 6m, 1y, 2y you would want the Simulate to generate results for.

All Metateader as well as the graph Metafrader be also seen individually per Trader. This tool weigjt enables you to Simulate your current Traders by configuring different settings per Trader, or choose specific Traders from the ones you currently have at your account, Metatrder even Simulate different Traders apart from the ones you currently have at your portfolio. Please note that any changes you make in your settings or any Traders you may add for the Simulation will NOT affect your account Portfolio. Top x. Automator The Automator to be your personal assistant: A few typical examples are: The possibilities are endless, and you can create the rules to match your own trading needs!

By clicking this button you can disable your ZuluTrade account, so that you will receive no more trades from any Trader. Maximum Open Lots This setting refers to the total number of lots that can be opened, including any pending positions at any one time in your account. This is a fill-in box and acceptable values rate from 1 to 99 for standard lot accounts respectively for mini and micro lots.

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