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Let me show you what I mean… All you have to do to find the one number that will tell you how an option will move is to master this formula: Luckily, your broker will do all that for you. It is considered by many to be the most important component of an option. But first… What is Delta?

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Deltas are either a positive number Whaf calls or a negative number for puts. Call options will have a value of anywhere from 0 to 1. If you look at a put option that has a Mind you, the Delta will work against you by that same amount should the stock move against you. For example, if you have a call option with a 0. Roughly six.

So just off the Delta alone, you can guestimate a six-point move higher should get a double on the option, right? If only it were that simple! Another component is Vega, or the Implied Volatility factor. Many things affect these factors and the pricing of options.

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Each day that goes by optipn each change in the price of the underlying changes the dynamics pu how an option is priced. Another thing to keep in mind is the Rate of Change in the Delta, which is represented by the Gamma. It shows how much the Delta number changes with each dollar move in the stock. And if you are satisfied to "lock in" a rate, then this strategy will be the least costly.

However, what if censt amount you are owed is "conditional", that is, whether or not you get the Swissies depends on whether the Swiss customer decides to accept your bid to sell him a opyion or service. You goal might be to Wnat in a position to gain if the Swiss Franc rises. A put would allow you to enjoy upside potential, while limiting downside losses again, just like conventional insurance. In either case, you want to be protected if the CHF falls through the floor: In either case, you want to be able to 'walk away" from the option if the Swissie rises. Suppose, you only need 30 days protection: You have essentially purchased an insurance policy that, if the CHF falls, limits the loss on your selling price to Like the case of the call, the options are rarely exercised, but rather sold back to an option writer before expiration.

For example, suppose on that third Wednesday, the underlying future closes at Since you are not a speculator, losing is more like not having to use your car's insurance policy. You were simple attempting to protect the dollar value of some Swiss assets, but the assets didn't need protecting after all. The CHF did not suffer "an accident". In contrast, if the Swiss Franc falls to 65 cents, you will "use" the put. Since you have the right to sell 65 cent Swiss Francs for You make a profit, when you sell it back to a put writer.

The profit will partially cover your loss in value of the Swiss francs that you are long.

put in your two cents’ worth

Similar to the call option, the longer the term of the insurance, the higher the put premium. The same example of a currency futures option tables using the Swiss Franc. Looking at the column in red, you could buy an April call for 1. These contracts get less expensive as the strike price goes up. A call is "in-the-money" if it has intrinsic value today. If the call was exercised today and it allowed one to buy CHF futures below the market price, then the call has intrinsic value. The intrinsic value IV is easily computed: A negative value simply means the intrinsic value is zero.

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The IV is usually expressed on a per currency unit basis like the tables: Suppose the value of the underlying currency future is The remaining premium is usually called the time premium sometimes, speculative premium. The time premiums would be the price premium less the IV: Some things that affect the time premium: That wasn't so hard. Volatility of the underlying asset: Remember, options are analogous to insurance and a risky driver usually has to pay a higher insurance premium.

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