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OppiE Hi Gene, Indeed, all else equal and when put pptions parity is strong, call options and put options with strike prices the same distance from the underlying stock price should be equal or at least very near equal.

Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ)

However, put call parity isn't always strong and implied volatility is rarely the same for call and put options. Why is this so? Basically, stocks are usually going somewhere, including the QQQQ. As long as it seems to be going or is expected to go in one direction, implied volatility of options in that direction would increase. For instance, if the QQQQ is expected to make a strong topside breakout, the implied volatility of its call options would be much higher than its put options, making the price of call options higher than put options. Vice versa for put options.

However, call options can also seem to be more expensive than put options when the distance between its strike price isn't exactly the same as its put options. At the money options have the highest extrinsic value of all options of the same expiration month, as such, call options being more expensive than put options in this case is totally normal. It does not mean that the QQQQ is poised for topside breakouts.

Long Put Options - Introduction

Trading Level Required For Buying Opttions Options A Level 2 options trading account optiins allows the buying of call and put options without first owning the underlying stock is needed for buying put options. Read more about Options Account Trading Levels. There are 2 ways to calculate profit for Long Put Options: Before Expiration and After Expiration. Following up from the above example: Delta value of Jan44Put is Please note that the above figures are only arbituary and that precise calculation of expected profit before expiration can only be arrived at using a stock option pricing model such as the Black Scholes Model. After Expiration Upon expiration, Put options will be left with the value of the stock below it's strike price.

If that value is higher than the original premium value of the Put options, the position turns a profit. Upside Maximum Profit: Unlimited Maximum Loss: Limited Net Debit Paid.

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The most one could lose is the entire amount put forward into buying Put optioons when the underlying stock expires out of the money OTM. After Expiration After expiration, the underlying stock needs to move more than the premium value in the Put option in order to result in a profit. Thus the breakeven point becomes the entire premium value of the Put option. Loss is limited if the underlying financial instrument rises instead of fall. This allows one to risk little money for the same moves in the underlying stock versus using other instruments like futures.

It allows traders with different risk appetite and portfolio management strategy to pick Put options with strike prices and delta values that fulfills that trading objective. It is the most basic option strategy where an option trader could simply transform into other option strategies in order to hedge one's position by buying or selling more options. It is a simple option strategy which requires no precise calculation to execute, unlike other complex option strategies.

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