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By Nial Fuller in Forex Trading Tools Last updated on May 6th, 95 Comments Creating and maintaining a Forex trading journal is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of professional Forex trading.

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I guarantee this will help your trading and mindset. I am going to first explain to you why having a Forex trading journal is essential to becoming a professional trader, and then I am going to show you what my trading journal looks like so that you get an idea of how to make your own. By the end of this article you will be able to create your very own Forex trading journal, and this is a huge step in the direction of becoming a professional trader. Why do I need a Forex trading journal Nial?

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First off, you need a trading journal because you need to track your trading performance over time. Many aspiring traders get caught up on the results of each individual trade; however, the professional trader knows that their trading performance is measured over a long series of trades, not just one or two. You can think of your trading journal as a constant and tangible reminder that your trading performance is measured over a series of trades. Having this type of reminder is very important, especially early-on in your trading career, it helps keep you focused and it helps to remove any emotion you might attach to any one trade.

Next, developing a track record is something you should take pride and pleasure in doing.

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So, as we spreadsheey now see, creating and maintaining a Forex trading journal is a key element to any effective Forex trading plan. Creating and maintaining a trading journal gives you the structure tradjng to build your trading routine on and it also helps you examine and focus on each individual element of a trade, which we will discuss below. Essentially, Forex trading success is the result of doing a lot of things the right way every time you interact with the market, and a Forex trading journal helps you do everything the right way every time you trade. What should my trading journal include and how do I make one?

The images tradnig are actual screen shots of my trading journal. However, this is the same trading journal I use; you can use it too if you like, or tweak it to your desire. This is self-explanatory; the date you entered the trade, the date you got filled is what you want here if the order got filled. If the order never gets filled just delete it from you journal.

If you are unsure which currency pairs are Fogex to trade, check out this article: You will put your pre-determined stop and target price in these boxes. I have to give a BIG thank you to a reader named Dan. He built this spreadsheet and shared it with me weeks ago. Thanks, Dan! The Spreadsheet To start, you can see the spreadsheet by clicking here.

Forex trading journal spreadsheet free download

It is build in Google Sheets. But it will give you Fotex clear picture on how it works. The first sheet lists all of your holdings click image to enlarge: The Rick Ferri and Personal Capital allocations are there just for ideas. The spreadsheet calculates how much you have in each asset class based on column D of the first page of the workbook.

If you want to add or change asset classes, you can. Just remember to add them in column D of page one and then add a row for each new class on this page. Personal Capital is excellent for tracking investment fees, asset allocation, and even my monthly budget.

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