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DTW algorithm provides the capability to calculate the distance measure between patterns in each cluster. New York Procedia Comput.

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Therefore, extensive work has been done to dissect the FOREX data with the expectation to unearth 205 relations that could be cba for forecasting market trends and making trading decisions. As a single pass using PLR on the vca might not result in an optimal detection and extraction of trends within the dataset. The clustering process ensures that similar patterns will eventually be grouped together in the same cluster. The exchange rate data was pre-processed to generate a day —interval dataset instead of a minute interval before subjecting it to the calculation of Moving Average Convergence Divergence MACD technical indicator.

Further research options utilising the clustering results not only involves process optimisation but the chart patterns extracted could be exploited for forecasting purposes using the DTW mapping of the patterns.: The proposed implementation offers four different algo- rithms implemented with the number of quantiles as listed in Table 2. PLR implementation: Detection of Repetitive Forex Chart Patterns detected using the extracted trends.

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Once the patterns 206 been extracted. The forex market in practice: Forex indicators: Right A4 algorithm. Intraday seasonality in activities of the foreign exchange markets: Dataset information.

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