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How to Make a Robot for Automated Trading on Forex

Moreover, not only the operational costs are being reduced, but also you are saving your time. Trxding main idea is Tradong you can use a Raspberry Pi board as a small side device, which can work separately from your laptop or desktop, implementing the profitable algorithm preset. In the meantime, you are working on your laptop or PC doing some other profitable things. And all this is a passive kind of income, which is even better! Just a few things!

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A Raspberry Framnoise device model 2 or 3. Find it on raspberrypi. A screen display monitor. At least to configure all the settings as the very first step. After that, it will be possible to access your RPi device remotely. ExaGear Desktop software. MetaTrader installation tutorial Download and Set up ExaGear Desktop Just a few words about the necessity of using an extra piece of software for that project.

The matter is that we are working with hardware which is built on a different type of a processor from what is usually used for laptops and PCs. The Raspberry Pi processors are called ARM, while on your regular computer there are processors called x In general, both of them are as different as the flame and water. So, technically, it is impossible to run any software made for x86 processors on ARM processors… But there is nothing impossible for real money makers! Have it delivered, unpacked, connected to some display and to your Internet.

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