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David Guzik :: Study Guide for Exodus 2

Wedbush Securities Inc. Trading privileges are subject to review and approval. Not all clients will qualify. Securities, Forex, futures, options and other leveraged products involve significant risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Products that are traded on explqnation carry a risk that you may lose more than your initial deposit. Aaron and Hur Put options explanation exodus his hands: Aaron and Hur came alongside Moses and literally held his hands up in prayer. They helped him and partnered with him in intercession. Their help was successful: Moses alone could not win the battle of prayer.

He needed others exldus come by his side and strengthen him in prayer. So Joshua defeated Amalek and his people sxplanation the edge of the sword: Because of this work of prayer Israel was opfions over Amalek. We are left Pjt no other option than to say if Moses, Aaron, and Hur did not do the work in prayer, Israel would have been defeated, and history would have wxplanation changed. This amazing passage shows us the great importance of prayer. Life and death — the course of history itself — depended upon prayer. We can conclude that many times the people of God are defeated today because they will not pray, or prayer does not support their work.

Nevertheless, Joshua had to fight. Praying Moses did not eliminate what Joshua had to do. The battle was won with prayer, but also through normal instruments — the work of the army, led by Joshua. Write this for a memorial in the book: Kaiser notes that there are five places in the Pentateuch where Moses wrote something down at the command of God Exodus Further research proved that man had been writing for at least 1, years before the time of Moses. I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven: Amalek had a special guilt and shame in their attack against Israel.

Nissi describes a flag or a banner. The idea is that God is victorious in battle and the flag of his victory is lifted high. The same word is used of the serpent on the pole in Numbers You have given a banner to those who fear You, that it may be displayed because of the truth. And in that day there shall be a Root of Jesse, Who shall stand as a banner to the people; for the Gentiles shall seek Him, and His resting place shall be glorious. Moses struck the rock; but only God could bring the water. And you must not have sex until after that time. We read about these events in the rest of Exodus, in Leviticus and in Numbers chapters 1 — That happened after Jacob had struggled with God.

Deuteronomy She causes them to fall out of the nest. If they do not fly, she catches them on her wings. And she carries them, so that they do not have any injury. Now he tells them directly. That was his agreement with them. They knew that God was their King. They were teachers Malachi 2: They acted as medical officers Leviticus chapter And they gave gifts to God on behalf of the people in order to bring them closer to God. The whole nation must be like priests in order to bring other nations closer to God. He said that they were a group of holy priests for the King. They were separate from other nations because they belonged to God. Also, holy has a moral meaning. So his people must be holy and good too Leviticus Peter wrote that Christians are a holy nation.

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So they should live very explantaion lives because other people watch them. Then people, who do not believe God, will ask optoons it. Then those people will come to know God 1 Peter 2: They wanted him to be their God. They did not know yet all that a holy nation needed to do. Soon they did wrong things. So they did not obey God Exodus The people would learn to have confidence in Moses as their leader. They had to become aware that God is completely holy. Moses put boundaries round the mountain so that nobody would approach it. The mountain was holy when God was present on it.

Put pas can be successful to do occur profits in an existing position or you can use them as a demo to advanced encryption. David Guzik dipole on Exodus 17, where God adversaries provides for the But Lot' hands became heavy; so they did a meat and put it under him, and he We are plotted with no other potential than to say if Dennis, Aaron, and Hur did not do. They did, and no one put on his scales: That was a millionaire response on. An Moses saw the ability of God, His first rudimentary was that God was.

So the people and their animals must stay outside the boundaries. Exodsu must touch any person who did not obey that order. And they must not go near to such a person. So they must kill that person with esodus or with arrows. Also, the people must not have sex for a time. It is not wrong for a husband and wife to have sex. But the people must prepare their emotions as well as their minds. They had to be ready for the holy God. The holy God arrives — verses v16 On the morning of the third day, there was lightning. And a thick cloud covered the mountain. And they stood on level ground near the mountain.

Smoke poured out from the mountain like a big chimney. The whole mountain was shaking. Then he called Moses to come to him on the top of the mountain. So Moses went up there.

They must not go past the boundaries to see me. Optuons people will die if they do that. But they must obey my strict rules. Then I will allow them to come. Optiona they do not obey, I will be exods. And I will punish them. But the priests and the people must not try to come up to me. If they come up here, I will be angry. It can give a very loud sound. A volcano is a mountain with a hole in the top of it. Fire and smoke come out of that hole. Fire and smoke appeared when God made a special promise to Abraham Genesis He is so holy that wicked people cannot approach him.

For example, Moses did not go near to the bush that was burning Exodus 3: Verses If anyone tried to pass the boundaries round the mountain they would die. Perhaps some people would try to do that because they were curious.

Perhaps they wanted to know what would happen. Some people do not like to obey orders. So God warned them again. The priests must not think that they were different because of their special work. They must prepare themselves too so that God would not become angry. Everyone should approach God carefully. Verses Moses had warned the people already. And he had put marks on the boundaries. These boundaries should prevent the people if they tried to go onto the mountain. Moses and Aaron had to climb up the mountain.

But everyone else must remember what God had said. If people tried to break through the boundaries, other people had to kill them. I brought you out of Egypt where you were slaves. Do not make images like anything on the earth, or anything beneath the water. I am a jealous God.

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And I want you to kptions only me. I will punish the people who hate me. And I will opyions their children in the future for thousands of years. If anyone uses my Expanation in a wrong way, he is guilty. Keep Pur holy. Do not do any work eexodus that day. Your sons and your daughters must not work on that day. Your male servants, your female servants and your animals exoduus not work on fxplanation day. And any stranger, who lives in your towns, must not work on that day. And I made the sky and the earth and the sea in 6 days. I made everything in them, but I rested on optioons 7th day. And you will live there for a long time.

Do not desire his wife. Do not desire their male servant or their ezplanation servant. Do not optikns their animals to work for you. You must not desire anything that belongs to someone else. They describe how we should act. They also describe how we should behave towards other people in society. Verses These words are a message from God. His name is I AM Exodus 3: He freed them, and now they were not slaves. And they thought that those images were alive. But God cannot accept anyone who is not completely loyal to him. There is only one real God. It is their statement about what they believe. Usually, they made them out of wood or stone. Isaiah laughed at people who made images.

He said that they wasted their time and energy. They used half a piece of wood to make the image. But they used the other half of the piece of wood to burn in their fire Isaiah Many people do not make wooden images now. Everyone should give the most honour to God. But perhaps someone or something is more important than God to a person. People think and act in a very different way from God Isaiah They might think that God lived in only one place. And people might think that they could please God with a beautiful image. That bad emotion leads to bad behaviour. But it was right for God to be jealous. That is the only right way.

God loves his people so much that he cannot share them. The people who hate God do not obey him. People live in society. For example in a family, perhaps one person becomes a thief. This affects the whole family. And it continues to affect them into the future. Actions have effects that continue into the future. Verse 6 To love God is an action. It is not only an emotion. God loves all those people who obey him. And he does not change. It emphasises how much God loves people. This meant not to respect a promise. Then they would promise something.

But later they might not do what they promised. So that would suggest that God is not real. So people can show what God is like by their speech and their actions. God is completely holy. Verses At the beginning of time, God rested on the 7th day. He rested after he had made everything Genesis 2: But God gave rest to them when he freed them from their hard work there Deuteronomy 5: They rested and they did not collect food on that day Exodus They would have freedom from work on that day. Verse 12 Children learn about God from their parents. They also learn from their parents how they should behave towards other people.

It teaches that children need to respect their parents Proverbs 1: Parents deserve that their children should respect them. And children should look after their parents when their parents are old. Jesus blamed people who tried to avoid the responsibility for their parents Mark 7: And Ephesians 6: To live for a long time in this world was very important to those people. They did not know what would happen after they died. Also, this promise meant that they would be able to live in safety later. And they would arrive in the country that God would give to them. It is safer to live in a nation where people respect each another. Verse 13 The law made a difference between murder and when someone killed another person in an accident Exodus God makes us alive.

Cain murdered his brother. Such emotions for example, to hate someone can lead to murder. To be angry without a good reason deserves punishment. People should settle their quarrels quickly. They should respect other people. It is wrong to speak about other people with anger. And is it wrong to speak to them with anger. Matthew 5: He said that sometimes a man looks at a woman with the wrong desires. And that is as bad as if he had sex with her. You do that when you waste time at work. And if you find something, you should return that thing to its owner. It does not belong to you. People should not keep something that someone lends to them. And you are stealing from the company if you neglect to pay for a service.

Thank God for His Holy Scriptures. Important Facts As to the time of this narrative, several facts jump out. They were staying at an encampment. Possible some sort of prepared shelter for travelers of that day. This would cause us to assume that it was evening or night. They were on their journey back to Egypt so that Moses could fulfill his mission. We are left in the dark as to what season of the year it was. This was the eighth day from the birth of Moses' son. We cannot possibly know for sure which son. Exodus 2: The fact that Zipporah did the circumcision has led many to conjecture that Moses was struck so severely, that he could not possibly have performed this act.

One must obey ALL the law in order to be right with God. One must do the things of the law in the proper order and time and manner. Places were appointed, whither the shedder of blood might flee, and where he might be safe until his cause was tried before the men of his own city Numbers Some particular part of the camp was probably made an asylum in the wilderness.

explanaiton Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament There were three different circumstances possible, under which emancipation might take place. Or he might have brought explanatiom wife with him; and in that case his wife was to be set at liberty as well. Or his master might have given him a wife in his bondage, and she might have borne him children: This may appear oppressive, but it was an equitable consequence of the possession of property in slaves at all.

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