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Forfx launched Operation Desert Shield beginning in August of The U. And, electricity, water and telephone services were also cut nationwide. The UN also imposed strict conditions regarding the disclosure and monitored destruction of weapon stockpiles. Tens of thousands of innocent people were killed during ruthless persecution of civilians in the affected areas.

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Another two million Iraqis fled in search of safety, while others were fored relocated by the government. This provoked an environmental disaster, which is slowly healing today. Although Iraq had previously been fairly generous with state welfare in the past, during the years of sanctions all forms of government aid to the people nearly dried up. Political dissent grew louder. Yet, even while besieged, Saddam continued to lash out at his enemies:?

Inside Iraq, Saddam faced growing internal political opposition and ofrex. In he fired or shuffled several of his government ministers in order to give additional authority to his two sons, Uday and Qusay. During the late s, UN authorities considered the idea of relaxing sanctions against Iraq simply because of the hardships being suffered by ordinary Iraqis, tradding children. According to some estimates, approximately one million Iraqi children died during the years of enforcement. Focused on the objective of traeing Iraq, the U.

However, beginning in an? Throughout the s and early s, Saddam remained defiant and tricky. As punishment, then-President Clinton directed air strikes against military targets, government facilities, and suspected weapons sites. The campaign of occasional strikes against military and weapons sites continued until the coalition invasion of Iraq inwhich toppled Saddam. End of the Saddam Hussein Era After the invasion Saddam was quickly hunted down and found hiding in a hole. After a lengthy trial, he was executed in His removal from power was great news for the Iraqi economy and Dinar.

The Iraqi Dinar had suffered through the Saddam Hussein era with its value eroded by inflation. Saddam and his family and associates removed large amounts of wealth from Iraq. They hid most of it in secret bank accounts which are still being discovered and repatriated today. He ruled Iraq as a kleptocracy in which his equally-ruthless family and clan members were his partners in financial crime. His increasingly despotic regime instigated the Iran? Iraq War during the s in search of additional territory and revenues to feed his greed. This war placed a heavy burden on the Dinar. His egregious behavior eventually led to the Gulf War of and the imposition of global economic sanctions by the United Nations throughout the entire s.

The economic restrictions punished Saddam and the Iraqi ruling elite, although they also created a humanitarian disaster among ordinary Iraqi citizens by further limiting the availability of food and other essential goods.

With Saddam and his henchmen long gone, the Iraqi oil industry and economy Dinzr general are booming with rapid growth. To learn more about the Iraqi economy and Dinar click below. By blogs T About the Author: The 59m-high minaret leans 8 feet off the perpendicular. Kurdish farmer holding sheaf of wheat.

Tractor in background. King Hammurabi. Credited with writing the trqding code of law in human history he founded the First Dynasty of Babylon in BC, leading Babylonia into a period of great prosperity. Archived Information For Research: Iraq Currency Exchange Starting on October 15th a new national currency known as the "new Iraqi dinar" will begin to replace the existing currency, the "old dinar", and the currency used in the North of Iraq, the "swiss dinar".

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The new Iraqi dinar will create a single unified currency that is used throughout all of Iraq and will also make money more convenient to use trafing people"s everyday lives. The currency exchange will last from October 15th to January 15th Currency trafing be exchanged at any time during this three month period. Locations where money can be exchanged will include banks and other official locations, for example post offices, throughout Iraq. No fees will be charged for exchanging currency. The conversion rates for new Iraqi dinars will be as follows: Bank accounts and financial contracts in Swiss dinars will also be converted at the rate of new Iraqi dinars for every one Swiss dinar.

Bank accounts and contracts in old Iraqi dinar will not change. The new currency will have a larger number of denominations than the old currency, with 50,and 25, dinar notes, making it more convenient to use. The new notes will be of higher quality and durability than those currently in circulation and include many anti-fraud features that will provide important protection against counterfeiting. How will the exchange occur? Salaries will begin to be paid in the new dinar at the earliest available opportunity.

Currently everyone in Iraq carries a reminder of Saddam in their pockets and on the banknotes they"re using. Shortly after October 15th the first batch of Saddam notes will go to the incinerator. At close of business January 15th Saddam notes will no longer be legal tender. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions: What will the new currency look like? The new Iraqi dinar will look similar to Iraq"s old national dinar the "Swiss" dinarwith some minor modifications Q: What will be the rate that is used to convert old currency into new currency? People who hold one old Iraqi dinar will receive one new Iraqi dinar.

People who have one "Swiss" dinar will receive new Iraqi dinars.

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Why were these rates selected? These rates will help to equalize prices throughout all of Iraq by helping to ensure that the prices of goods will be roughly the same across the whole country. Tgading Iraqis, including officials at the Iraqi Central Bank as well as leaders of the autonomous regions in northern Iraq, were consulted on this issue and fully supported this decision. How will the new currency differ from the existing currency? The new currency will have a total of six denominations, will be much better protected against counterfeiting, and will last much longer because it will be of higher quality.

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Dunar Will people need to exchange their currency immediately? Currency can be exchanged at any time up until January 15th. Will the old Iraqi dinar and the Swiss dinar continue to be valid until Traing 15th? All existing currency will be completely valid until Janaury Will salaries be paid in new dinars? Tradig the exchange has begun, salaries traing begin to be paid in new Iraqi dinars. How will people be able to identify counterfeit currency? As the exchange approaches additional details will be provided about how to identify counterfeit notes. Staff at currency exchange sites will also be well trained on how to detect counterfeit Iraqi dinars.

Counterfeit old Iraqi dinars will not be accepted at the exchange sites. Those presenting counterfeit notes will not be arrested or charged with a crime, but their money will not be exchanged. Currency exchange sites will visibly mark old dinars upon their exchange for new ones so that they cannot be stolen and re-exchanged later. Once the old currency is marked it will no longer be valid currency.

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