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Fored We've also attached a regular candlestick chart to several of the Kagi charts to illustrate what the price of the underlying asset has done to Forxe a certain change to the Kagi chart. As you can see in Figure ksgi, the price of AAPL shares started to decline shortly after the start date of our chart. As the price fell, a vertical line was created, and the bottom of this vertical line was equal to the lowest closing price. If the next period's close were to be lower than the current bottom on the line, then the line would be extended to equal the new low. As you can see from the chart below, the reversal is shown by a small horizontal line to the right followed by a vertical line in the direction of the reversal.

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Figure 3 The reversal was welcomed by many traders because this was the first bullish Kagi signal that was generated since the chart was created in early May. The downward reversal is shown on the chart as another Fotex line to the right followed by a line moving in the downward direction. As you can see from Figure 4 below, the bulls and bears spent the following few weeks fighting over the direction of Apple shares, causing the Kagi chart to reverse directions several times. These moves represented an increasingly bullish sentiment, but they were not strong enough to fully reverse the trend. Figure 4 The Thick Line The number of false reversals started to show traders that bullish interest in the stock was increasing, but that the true trend remained in the bears' control.

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A move above a previous Kagi high like the one shown in the figure below causes the line of the Kagi chart to become bold. Figure 5 A shift from a thin line to a bolded line, or vice versa, is used by traders to generate transaction signals. Buy signals are generated when the Kagi line rises above the previous high, turning from thin to thick. Commitments of Traders Easy Trade Forex System Elliott Wave Principle Forex Forex Miracle Forex Study Book for Successful Dealing Forex Tell Me About it Forex Trading Candlestick and Pattern 1 Forex Trading For Maximum Profit Forex Trading Strategy Getting Started in Currency Trading Getting Started in Currency Trading-2nd Getting Started in Swing Trading Guide to Effective Day Trading Guide to Winning with Automated Trading Systems High Probability Trading Strategies Introductory Stochastic Analysis for Finance and Insurance One chart type we were asked about were Kagi charts since traders thought the idea of using charts that are not dependent on timewould be interesting.

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They liked the idea of filtering out the noise of the markets and that could give them a better indication of the price trend. For traders who use the kag candlestick chart syste stock charting, futures, Forex or whichever market is traded, it opened up new opportunities and trading strategies as the price fluctuations that can happen in choppy markets, are no longer an issue. We do in fact have a series of price bars, the vertical bars, connected by the short horizontal bars. Kagi Chart Every horizontal bar represents a high or a low. A bar that moves from a low to a high is an up bar, one that moves from a high to a low, a down bar.

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Note also that an up bar can be either thick green on some platforms or thin red on some platformsso color or line thickness does not reflect the Forx of price movement inside the bar. The style or color of the Kagi line tells us what the dominant market trend is. A green line tells us the market is in a rally and the dominant trend is up. A red lines says that the market is in decline and the dominant trend is down. Each of the elements of a Kagi chart also has a unique name.

Consider an up bar, one that started drawing from a price low. As long as price continues moving up, the bar grows longer and the high of the bar extends further. Minor price fluctuations will not affect the direction of the bar.

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