Asian put option formula 95

No analytical bound for the error term e y as a function optjon the Asiab of terms included in the approximation exists. If all moments exist, it can be shown that e y goes uniformly to zero in y as the number of moments included in the approximation increases. These options can assure that the average price paid or received for an asset over a certain time period is not greater than the final price.

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The distribution of the logarithm of the average is determined by formulw moments. In this Asuan we present only the Edgeworth formmula around a normal density for its greater simplicity, however among the different moment based methods the maximum entropy method is the preferable. Recently, Dufresne [ 12 ] has proved the following important and surprising result: Although the determinacy problem in this case is unsolved, there are several approximations based on trying to recover the density of using the information content of its algebraic moments. Obviously this approximation has the limit that there is no expression for bounding the error and moreover it is not guaranteed the positivity of the density, but respect to the Edgeworth expansion around a lognormal distribution the current approximation appears much more robust.

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Then they pput the following approximate expression for the Laplace transform 2: For example, this Asisn not happen in the case of the lognormal density, that is, there are multiple distributions with exactly the same moments 3. For a fixed number of moments, the relative size of the error needs to be examined using numerical simulations. The same problem has been noticed in solving the related PDE with finite difference schemes. The first cumulant is the mean, the second the variance, the third a measure of skewness and the fourth a measure of kurtosis.

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When the random variable assumes only formulla values, the distribution recovering from its moments the so called Stieltjes moment problem arises both existence and determinacy questions. This result appears natural if we recall that the logarithm of a lognormal distribution has a normal distribution that is determined in a unique way from the sequence of its moments. Moreover, the computation of the Laplace transform in this case appears much less difficult than respect to the Geman-Yor formula.

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