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Shall this bar be yellow and short, the probability is viewed as low. For most indicators, tradig add a Consensus number: Better or worse than expected? If we had a consensus published, it comes either in green it means the data is better than expected or in red worse than expected.

Economic Calendar

You might want to focus on some type of data and ignore the rest: Click on the button at the top of the economic calendar. Personal consumption expenditure PCE: Managfrs Trade balance: A surplus means that the value of exports had exceeded imports while a deficit means there are more imports than exports. Forex traders pay attention to trade numbers because, aside from contributing to the GDP, export and import figures also reflect the impact of other issues such as export demand from major trading partners, currency strength, and global commodity prices. Current account balance: Current account calculates the net foreign assets of an economy.

Aside from trade balance, it also factors in the net income loss from foreign investments as well as net current transfers of money. Businesses Remember the GDP formula above?

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Businesses make up the Investment I fofex, which is why their activities are important for central banks and forex traders. Purchasing managers index PMI: Similar to business confidence surveys, PMIs are simply surveys of purchasing managers from a specific industry. Questions include their outlook on new orders, employment, and production and supplier deliveries. Readings of There are lots of PMI and business confidence survey results released each month.

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Here are the more common ones: Measures the output of the industrial and manufacturing sector. These reports represent actual production figures instead of purchasing manager outlook. Mmanagers out for production trends, as they could influence business sentiment! Durable goods orders: A measure of the volume of orders and shipments of items that have a normal life expectancy of three years or more. Rising equipment demand suggest that businesses are investing and could lead to more production and employment in the foreseeable future. On the other hand, falling durable goods orders hint at gloomy business sentiment and possible layoffs for some industries.

Potential consumers can have steady jobs and wages but not spend if they have a gloomy outlook on the economy.

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Retail sales: Tradiny estimate of the total sales of goods and services purchased by consumers. Core retail sales takes out volatile factors such as oil and seasonal food prices. Details of retail sales reports usually include the industries and commodities that contributed the most or dragged on the overall figures. Consumer confidence: Like in businesses, consumer outlook is also important for market players. As a forex trader you will then begin to price the new data and adjust your trades accordingly.

Economic announcements and political news can steer the direction calendsr your currency pair in seconds. Through the use of your economic fotex, you can respond quicker than everyone else in the market. When you know that a trade release is imminent the first thing you have to decide upon is- will it cause low or high volatility? Your reaction to a news release depends on where you are in the trade and where your stops are. So this is why leading indicators are important to your trade. You can make money when you have advanced information and you can predict the direction a currency pair is going.

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