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Those yields could now move rrates later in September, as fund buying slows. In the same time frame, Turkey's currency crisis has been weighing on yields but other factors that would have sent them higher have not had much impact. Overseas buyers have been absent, and still yields are down. There is critical longer-term desire to reduce risk — and that means funds will remain big buyers of bonds, a trend that could keep rates from rising more dramatically.

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Why wouldn't we accelerate that cash and fund it on a cheaper basis. McDaniel said pension funds have been looking to reduce risk, as bonf have risen with Clrporate stock market's gains, after diving during the financial crisis. How big will the effect be? Schumacher estimates the year Treasury yield could move up as much as 20 basis points when the funds step back from buying next month. I think that weakens the bid [for bonds] for awhile, and maybe they come back if you see equities do well and interest rates go up," said Schumacher.

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All else being equal, as they go away, rates should go higher," said George Goncalves, head of fixed income strategy North America at Nomura. Goncalves said Corpkrate pending slowdown in pension fund buying could have also gone into the calculus of short positions in the Treasury market, now at a record high. That is investors who are betting that interest rates will rise. Even though tax-related buying will end, BlackRock's Global Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income Rick Rieder said he expects pension fund buying to continue at a solid pace, with funds helping to keep yields lower.

This pension demand is extraordinary and it's not going away," Rieder said.

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Many funds are legacy funds that are frozen by corporations or no longer held by the corporations that started them and have moved on to insurance industry ownership. Strategists expect many more to follow. That Corpirate was pebsion percent in the middle of Here are some of the most popular explanations for the carnage: After all, the brunt of the selloff followed the data release at 10 a. Positive economic developments have also reinforced expectations the Federal Reserve will stick to program of steady, gradual rate increases. The year real, or inflation-adjusted, yield jumped 6 basis points to 0.

A steeper yield curve refers to a wider gap between short- and long-dated yields.

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Powell helped to extend the selloff after he said the central bank was far from reaching the neutral rate, a sign that the Fed may increase the number of future rate increases before it terminates the tightening cycle. The year and year yield added another 3 basis points in early Thursday trading. Fading pension funds But others were skeptical the selloff had much to dow with more evidence of economic strength. If the selloff was driven by solid data and stronger expectations for a more aggressive pace of rate hikes next year, they argued, the worst losses would have been incurred by the short-end of the bond market, which is more sensitive to shifts in the monetary policy outlook.

If you are betting on growth and inflation in the US Selling the 30yr is a play on insurance and pension funds

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