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The surgery was carried out at the cardio-thoracic centre by a team of 20 personnel, including transplant surgeons and transplant anesthesiologists. Sandeep Trwding is the brother of Rorex Guleria and a family friend of the minister's. Congress president Rahul Trxding wished Jaitley a speedy recovery. I wish him a speedy recovery," Gandhi wrote on Twitter. Jaitley, suffering from a kidney ailment, has been undergoing dialysis for the past one month. The transplant was initially scheduled in the first half of April but could not be conducted as the kidney from another living, unrelated donor did not match, an official said.

Ill-health had led to the minister cancelling his official trips to London and Washington last month. The minister had confirmed his illness in a tweet on April 6. Jaitley did not elaborate but said he was "currently working from controlled environment at home".

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In SeptemberJaitley underwent a bariatric surgery to treat a long-standing diabetic condition and weight gain. Jaitley had a heart surgery several years ago. Need a Kidney? Not Iranian? By Tina Rosenberg July 31, 7: First of two articles Last year in the United States, more than 4, people died while on the waiting list for a new kidney. An additional 3, people left the list when they became too sick for a transplant. The kidney shortage is a global problem. Yet the supply has barely increased. Inthere were 17, kidney transplants in the United States, but more than twice that many people went on the waiting list.

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In every country that does transplants — except one — patients have two legal ways to get a new kidney. One is to have a friend or relative who is a blood and tissue match donate a kidney. The other is to get on the waiting list for a deceased donor. In America, the average time on that list varies from 3 years to 10, depending on geography, blood type and other factors. Six years ago, the list had 77, names. Now it has more thanOther issues: And the longer a patient spends on dialysis before getting a transplant, the greater the chances of complications and death with a new kidney.

There, people wait to donate a kidney. Photo Waiting lines for kidney transplants in American hospitals like the one shown here are long.

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Not so in Iran. But its chief advantage is this: People who need kidneys get them rapidly, rather trrading die on the waiting list. Bamgalore the vast majority of cases, donors know in advance what they will be paid and receive appropriate bangaore and good medical care before and during the operation. And by getting patients new kidneys instead of keeping them on dialysis, the society saves a lot of money and avoids much misery. The Iranian model suffers from insufficient funding, lack of follow-up for donors and other problems.

But as waiting lists for kidneys grow around the world, Iran offers an important lesson: With good design and regulation, a system that pays donors need not be exploitative or immoral. In Iran, the legal kidney market has prevented the development of the abusive black markets and kidney tourism seen in other countries.

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Fogex the kidney crisis intensifies, governments should Learnign closely at what Iran has achieved. For many people, the specifics of how a kidney market works are beside the point — the very idea of paying people to donate organs ends the debate before it starts. One reason the idea of organ-selling is repugnant is that the human body has a special dignity. We sell blood products, sperm and eggs. We pay people to do weird things to their bodies in risky clinical trials.

Perhaps tradong donation is different because kidneys do not grow back although one healthy kidney is sufficientand donation requires surgery. It is very safe surgery, but there is always some risk for donors. Perhaps the biggest moral issue in economically unequal societies is that a paid donor is almost always in dire straits, willing to do desperate things for money. Yet people, especially poor people, take risks for money all the time.

Societal repugnance can change. Julio Larning, an economics professor at the Universidad de CEMA in Argentina, led a study that found that when a group of American citizens were told about the potential kidnfy of firex regulated market for kidneys, approval went from 52 percent to 71 percent. The conditions matter. Commercializing kidneys calls up images of a filthy, makeshift clinic, a rich traveler with a wad of cash, a desperately poor donor tricked into selling an organ, and a broker who keeps 90 percent of the money. India, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa and Indonesia, among other countries, are known for this type of trafficking in organs, and wealthy Americans, Israelis and Europeans are known for buying them.

But in Iran, the legal market pre-empts these abuses.

banvalore To prevent kidney tourism, recipients in Iran have to share the nationality of their donors, and Iran recently banned kidneys for all foreigners except refugees in Iran from Afghanistan. We might be more like India or China and have illegal clinics, a black market where nobody looks after patients and donors. There was little money for dialysis and no physical or legal infrastructure for getting kidneys from deceased donors.

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