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Total return, including income and capital gains, for the most recent bull market period, starting March 1,and continuing through August 31, The total return, including income and capital gains, for a bear market period, starting November 1,and continuing through February 28, Measures how much a fund's annualized return is reduced by the taxes paid on distributions, assuming the maximum marginal tax rate.

A tax-cost ratio of ufnd. If a fund had a 3. The lower the ratio, the more tax-efficient the fund. Annual standard deviation of return for the fund calculated over a three-year period. Expressed as a percentage, the greater the standard deviation, the greater the risk. Risk Index: The standard deviation of a fund's return divided by the standard deviation of return for the average fund in the fund's category.

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Standard deviation is a measure of yerm volatility computed using monthly returns for the last three years. The category risk index provides a relative measure of gree by measuring the variation in total return for a fund over the last three years to the typical variation in return for all funds in its category. For example, a risk index of 1. A value of 1. Values above 1. Total Risk Index: The standard deviation of a fund's return divided by the standard deviation of return for the average fund.

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Income for the most recent 12 months divided by the quarter-end net asset value. The yield figure is useful for investors seeking income and also to compare the income emphasis of funds within and among fnud categories. Funds with yields that are relatively high when compared to other funds in the same investment category are likely to be engaging in market timing by building a defensive cash position that in turn generates higher income. Funds not engaged in market timing with very different yields from the investment category average may not be following their investment objective statement or the objective statement may not be clear.

Yield is only one component of total return; the other component is capital appreciation. Funds with higher yields tend to provide less capital appreciation and also lower risk.

Maturity Years: For all bond funds, the average maturity of bondd bonds in the portfolio is reported as a measure of risk, rather than beta. The longer the average maturity of the bond fund, the greater will be the variation in the return on the bond fund when interest rates change. However, high-yield junk bond funds and international bond funds can be affected by factors other than interest rates. Overall, municipal credit quality remains strong. We will continue to use our team of experienced credit analysts to conduct fundamental research on all of the securities we consider for purchase. We never depend just on a rating agency or bond insurer to do that work for us.

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Even as yields declined during the quarter, we maintained our focus on income generation, while avoiding undue risk. The Fund remains well diversified by issuer and geographic area, and we strive funv avoid bonds subject to the alternative minimum tax AMT for individuals. During the second quarter, we continued to invest a portion of the portfolio in variable rate demand notes VRDNs. In addition, because most have interest rates that adjust weekly, VRDNs can allow us to react quickly when interest rates change. Looking ahead, we believe Europe will remain a source of stress for the financial markets. We expect the U.

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The Fed has announced that it plans to keep short-term find rates extremely low until sometime in It also hinted that it might initiate quantitative easing QE3 if economic conditions warrant additional action. Tax-exempt prices fudn increased considerably since Januaryand shareholders investors should not expect the same level of capital appreciation going forward. However, we believe municipal bonds will remain attractive for the tax-exempt income they provide. Shareholders should consider maintaining a long-term perspective while making investment decisions based on their time horizon, investment goals and risk tolerance, not on the day-to-day movements of the market.

The performance data quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results.

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