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Services Services enable the use of custom price feeds for the platform and to implement price delivery from external systems in real time, just like it is implemented on brokers' trade servers.

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Services can also be used to perform other service metatradder in the background. Unlike Expert Advisors, indicators and scripts, services are not linked to a specific chart. Ex applications run in the background and are launched automatically when the terminal is started unless such an app was forcibly stopped. Inside folders Experts, Indicators, Scripts and Services, applications can be sorted into subfolders. The structure of their location is displayed in the Navigator window. MetaEditor can also be launched by pressing F4. Use it to generate the necessary program template to quickly start software development.

Let's create a simple script writing a message "Hello world" into the journal.

In the resulting template, we add the code Print "Hello World" ; and compile it by pressing F7 to receive an executable file. The executable file has an extension EX5 and can be run in the trading platform. Here you can also change the path to a destination file. Author — author name. Link — developer's email address or website. A set of mandatory parameters created by default is described below: Symbol — specify a symbol the EA is to work on in the Value field. If "current", the EA works on any symbol. A chart symbol the EA is attached to is to be used as a working symbol.

How to convert MT4 Expert Advisor into MT5 format in 2017

TimeFrame — specify a period the EA is to work on in the Value field. If "current", the EA works on any chart period. The Expert Advisor does not run on charts with a symbol metatradeer a period other than the ones specified in its settings. For example, you can evaluate an indicator's behavior on historical data before buying it from the Market. Optimization Another important utility of the Strategy Tester is the function of optimization, which allows choosing the best input parameters for a specific trading robot. For instance, with optimization, you can modify the parameters to achieve maximum profitability and stability, minimum risk and so forth.

During the optimization process, one trading robot is tested multiple times with different sets of parameters. After the optimization, you can compare the results to select the parameters that provide the best performance for your robot. The number of combinations of input parameters in the optimization can be overwhelming: As a result, the optimization can turn into a very extensive process, but still can be significantly shortened through the use of genetic algorithms. This feature disables the serial search of all combinations of input parameters and selects only those that best meet the optimization criteria set.

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In subsequent phases, the "optimal" combinations are crossed until the best possible result is achieved. The genetic algorithms help to considerably reduce the number of combinations and the total optimization time. The one used in this example has been obtained from a programmer and a little functionality added, and all these have been combined into a single file. Make sure an instance of the MT5 platform is open. Refresh the MT5 platform by closing it and opening it again, then open MetaEditor5. Open the source code of the expert advisor and in the source code of SimpleEA.

You will get only 2 errors after compilation: On MetaEditor5 you need to create handles for each indicator or EA and functions for getting value from the EA sUing indicator by this handle. In addition to the Expert Advisor name, a chart on which the EA is running is specified in the list. An icon indicates whether the EA is allowed to trade. The context menu contains commands for enabling or disabling automated trading for any of the Expert Advisors, as well as for viewing its properties or removing it from the chart. Settings affecting automated trading are available on the Expert Advisors tab of the platform options.

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The following settings are available: Allow Auto Trading — this option allows or prohibits trading using Expert Advisors and scripts. If it is disabled, scripts and Expert Advisors metayrader work, but are not able to trade. This limitation can be useful for testing the analytical capabilities of an Expert Advisor in the real-time mode not to be confused with testing on history data. If you disable it, no Expert Advisor will be allowed to trade, even if you enable automated trading individually in the Expert Advisor settings. If you enable it, the Expert Advisors will be allowed to trade, unless automated trading is individually disabled in the Expert Advisor parameters.

Disable automated trading when switching accounts — this option represents a protective mechanism disabling trading by Metahrader Advisors Usinv scripts when the account is changed. It is useful, for example, when switching from a demo account to a real one. Disable automated trading when metatradeer profiles — a large amount of information about the current settings of all charts in the workspace is stored in profiles. Particularly, profiles contain information about Expert Advisors attached. Expert Advisors included into the profile will start working with the arrival of a new tick.

Enable this option to prevent trading by Expert Advisors when changing the profile. Disable automated trading when switching chart symbols or period — if this option is enabled, then when the period or symbol of a chart is changed, the Expert Advisor attached to it is automatically prohibited from trading.

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