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You now have a helicopter with unlimited missiles, no time limit, and as long as you don't destroy the Hive, you can blow Prrototype anything else without it kicking off the clmputer meter. This also allows you to get out of the helicopter without it ending the mission useful for collect Memory Strands. You can save your game in the middle of this mission if you need a break and do the same thing. You can max out your skills and then some using this exploit. Mind the Crows[ edit ] Infected water towers are always circled by squawking crows. You can then use the remaining homing missiles to blow up a hive for more points. Get another helicopter, and repeat the process. The water towers will respawn after a short period of time.

Play the mission where you have to steal a helicopter to find the right Hunter. You are told to go fly over the Infected area and scan the Infected water towers for a suitable enemy type.

Leave No Stone Unturned Playing 'Prototype' on PC

Instead of doing that, fly to the Infected area, and start shooting the Infected cehat towers that are around all Infected areas. You get approximately 8, experience points for each. As long codee you properly Protoytpe the helicopter and no one suspects you as an enemy, no one will attack you while you do this. One water tower requires one missile. Make sure to steady it so you do not waste missiles. One flythrough with the helicopter can get you 1, experience points, assuming you can find one water tower per missile. You can get even more than that if you use your machine gun. After getting aboutexperience points, crash the helicopter, and repeat the process again from the checkpoint.

This trick requires the ability to hijack helicopters and have Infected Vision, obtained later in the game.

Hijack a helicopter, then activate Pdototype Vision. Look for the bright orange water towers scattered throughout the city, primarily in the Infected areas. That is the only time you will have a limited battle zone except when in specific mission buildings- story line missions. Cheats Unlockable: Unlockables Platinum Events To unlock the Platinum and some of the "Radical" eventsyou just need to get a Gold ranking in all events.

Easter eggs We have no easter eggs for Prototype yet. Infiltrator 20 - Infiltrate 10 Military Bases disguised as a Commander. It's Him! Misconception 20 - Destroy 25 Infected Water Towers before they hatch. Nice Guy 40 - Complete the game while consuming 10 Civilians or fewer. Pt 60 - Achieve a Platinum Medal in all Events. Also, have the Whip upgrade. Take your time on this one; the longer you spread the mission out, the easier it will be. If at any time your health gets low, bail from the chopper and replenish it.

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Once on the roof when you fog at the facility, turn to the right to see two guards forr top of a building across the street shooting rockets down at the crowd. Use your whip and kill both of them. This will save a lot of frustration later, because those missiles were heat seeking you will be in a chopper. You will need a helicopter for the next step. If there are no helicopters nearby, make enough commotion for a strike team to be called in.

Once the chopper is in distance, use your whip and take it over. Every conputer you take over a heli, you will have about a 30 second grace period before the other choppers start firing at you; use it. Select the heat seekers and blow the other helicopters away; wait for your threat to go down before you go into the Facility airspace. Once your threat is down, fly over to the Bloodtox Facility. The first things you need to take out are the guard towers.

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There are about eight to ten of them. They are on all sides and cjeat. They also have heat seeking missiles. Once the towers are down, the facility is completely open. Beware of strike teams, etc. Save your heat seekers for them and get an aim on them before they do whenever they appear. When all the towers are down, the primary objectives are to shoot those small boxes near each of the tanks. They have red blinking lights on them, and there are exactly eight of them. One of them is the tank that will constantly shoot at you, but not with heat seekers. However, some of the missiles people fire from the ground are.

Listen to your helicopter warnings and keep an eye out for other choppers that are getting close to you.

The more you take out first, the better. Armored Glide: It can be used to catch up and attack enemies with force. When you get close to an enemy that you can glide over him, revert to normal Alex then initiate a glide. While gliding, activate your Armor Defense power. This will allow you to maintain your glide as long as you do not release it or dash. This will allow you to glide over stationary enemies and attack with more force. Aleksandar Mrka Markovic 1. People,cheats maybe don't exist, but you must think good You will have finished game.

Use unlockables and hints to beat the 'Prototype' video game

You can type in your browser prototype trainer. That is like cheats,just connected together. Many of them has Protitype viruses,but i'am find one who don't got it. First you must to run game. Then open trainer which you are downloaded and type numbers next to NumLock for that cheat about what is it I don't speak english very good,so you maybe not understood me. Low health escape: Climb up to higher building so that hunters cannot come to you. Easily destroy the bloodtox filters: Farhan Go to the bloodtox facility with in a helicopter. A helicopter from the strike team would be best. Don't forget to evade their attacks while destroying the filters. Destroy at least filters.

That should be enough with the helicopter. Now, steal a tank while youre in a military discuise. I like the black coloured tanks.

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