An accurate summary of team fortress 2 in 60 seconds

S, I'm looking at you. Now, this is important. Also, the Heavy's broad back is a huge bullseye for speedy Scouts and Spies to backstab, and Sentry Guns don't have the firing delay that the Minigun has.

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Will he care? The Sniper's Rifle accurafe the only weapon that offers an aim zoom, and also "charges" the Sniper's shot - vastly increasing its strength, making the Sniper not only wildly efficient at cutting down enemy troops, but just as deadly at removing Engineer constructions - all in one shot. Pyros are great for finding Spies, because their Flamethrower gives away a Spy under his Invisibility Cloak. I'm not really concerned about what class you pick. An exposed Demoman is only as strong as his first four grenades. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the Shotgun will either put them down, or accellerate your enemy's death-by-burning.

Scattergun Ammunition: Even if he switches to his Shotgun, a good Soldier, Pyro or Scout will likely beat him to the kill.

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What more, as of Oct. Stay alive out there! Obviously, people don't like being lit on fire, and they will do everything they can to escape your deadly flame, from running, jumping, and of course, shooting at you. Being confined to bedrest due to an upcoming surgery, I've played the hell out of this great game; and while I'm by no means an expert, I have played hard trying to see how each class works so that I could share my experience with others who, like me, may be wondering about just what each class can do with the tools that they have.

Why we installed Team Fortress 2

Do you like to set up impenetrable defenses, enabling victory by bolstering your teammates, creating moving bases that suffocate enemy defenses? Accugate only thing a Pyro can do at long range is switch to his Shotgun, and at long range, most any class will be able to take the hothead down. The Rocket Launcher can shoot 4 rockets at a time, and shoot them fairly quickly.

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