Bagaimana untuk berdagang forex guru

I took a lot of financial courses but Thomas' methodology s still the best to me up to now. His trade alerts also helped me not spend much time monitoring the markets and following his trade alerts have helped me make much gains in my account. Thomas L.

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I am doing rain dance around my computer. Glad that I hang on to the trade even when it was moving very slowly initially. Thanks Thomas for the trade alert. Tina T.

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About The Founder of Online Guru Trader Thomas Yin I started trading part-time in and worked over a decade as foeex senior technician and a real estate agent. Another group of scam Gurus tends to post a number of trading setups. However out of all the setups that are posted, probably only a handful will be winning trades. The rest are all losers.

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When the winning trades are achieved, they will go around posting their winners all over the internet. Giving the audience the impression that they are very accurate and suffer no losses. What happens to the losing trades? Well they hide it and keep silent about it.

Last group of fake Gurus are a little more intelligent compared to the earlier. They behave similarly except for buru fact that they do post their untuo. For example, they post 10 trades and only have 3 winners and 7 losers. Now let's take a look at these and see how much u end up losing in a month. You will notice that if you end up cutting all these losses, it would have earned u a lot of profit.

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But there is a clause, when you trade consistently you have the ability to unguk a baseline for development. Never be afraid of losing. Traders should Bagamiana not to hope too much on any trade at all. Be ready for whatever may happen. On the other hand, if you make great profits, you should handle it discreetly. This kind of huge profit can make the beginner over optimistic and they won't take time to study and know the trade very well, all they would be focused on is the profits.

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