Dave liebers guide to saving on electricity in texas

That means Lieberx Energy states in its latest Terms of Service that those customers who pay with a credit or debit card are not eligible for a discounted rate. When I pointed out to company spokesman Huffman that a penalty for credit card payment in Texas is illegal and a penalty for a debit card payment becomes illegal on Sept. Neither am I noting the many fees charged for late payments, bounced checks and other collection fees, because when someone misses a bill, a penalty is expected. All companies are allowed to charge these fees.

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Let the buyer beware. In a few cases, fees are not even reported. Customers must be thorough when asking questions before signing contracts. Sometimes, customer service reps give wrong answers.

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Check your electric bill. In Texas, last week it ranged from 4. Also call your provider and ask for the date when your contract expires. Find out whether your rate is fixed or variable. Start planning a possible switch a month before a contract expires. Decide whether you want to play it safe or be a gambler.

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Do you want to lock in a fixed rate that you can afford for t longer period of time? Or are you willing to take a low price now and understand that a variable or indexed rate could spike depending on market conditions? Conduct a thorough search. Go to this Web site: Or ask a friend or relative to help you.

Enter your zip code and start searching. Pick your poison. Deeper in the website you see a search box along the left side. The Watchdog likes fixed since market conditions can grow volatile.

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