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A light grey horizontal line shows you where we stand at the moment and below that line go all upcoming data. Time left before next release is indicated so you quickly grasp when this is coming. When a new data is released, the calendar page is automatically refreshed so you do not miss it. If you want, you can enable a sound notification for all releases. Currencies A flag icon indicates the country of the data release, and next to it, its currency.

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As outlined above, the calendar can be fully customised and filtered Fordx only rconomics you the scheduled forex data releases most important to you and your trades. Mark them on the calendar and manage your risk accordingly. The News Terminal. Think of the News Terminal as an evolution of the forex economic calendar and your bridge between the world of institutional trading and your own trading. No longer do retail traders have to be 1 step behind the professionals when it comes to economic releases and market moving headlines. Also, the stop loss of the Sell Stop order should match the level of the Buy Stop.

New Fresh Way In Trading Economics Data

In tradibg case, the rates were released at the extremely low value tarding This would have triggered the OCO order with the Sell Stop order being filled, putting you in the market economivs a short trade, and the buy stop order would have been cancelled automatically. Download the short printable PDF version summarizing the key points of this lesson…. Click Here to Download Conclusion Economic data released in a country is likely to cause volatility in the currency of the respective country. The Forex market calendar is an informative tool that includes past and future economic events.

Forex traders use economic calendars to track economic data releases and their impact on currencies. Some of the most important economic events include the following economic reports: The uncertainty warrants less guidance. The tone that central bankers take is also important.

Markets try to establish whether policymakers are positive or negative about future interest rates. Below is an example of the impact of Central bank statements. This happened when the ECB pushed back their future rate hike path. When central bankers advocate higher rates, they are called hawkish. If they are calling for lower rates, they are called dovish. Hawkish policy and statements usually cause currency appreciation. If policy and statements are dovish, they typically have the opposite reaction. This makes central bank policy statements an essential indicator for forex traders. Interest Rates This is a big one.

Interest rate adjustments are probably the most important indicator in Forex Trading. Changes in interest rates can have tremendous impact on currency values. Investors are always looking for better returns on their investments. When a country raises interest rates, it attracts foreign investment. Currency values usually appreciate when interest rates go up. As a result, this causes less demand for the local currency. The effect of interest rates should be evaluated with the business cycle. Rates can have different impacts on a currency depending on the business cycle. When interest rates are very high, it usually causes an economy to slow.

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This slowdown will cause capital outflows of the local currency. If rates are low, it usually causes a boost to economic growth. As the tading expands, it should create capital inflows into the local currency. This means the timing of interest rates are crucial. When rates are increasing early in a business cycle, it is positive for the currency. Rate hikes very late in a hiking cycle will not have the same effect. The CPI tracks the change in prices of a basket of goods between two periods.

Fordx The basket measured in the CPI includes a broad range of goods and services. It includes things like food, clothing, transportation, education, energy, healthcare and housing. CPI is considered as a lagging indicator. However, this does not mean that it is less important!

Price stability is a common mandate shared by most central banks. Most of them also have specific targets for inflation. Central banks will change monetary policy to keep inflation close to specific targets. Inflation is one of the most important metrics used to decide monetary policy. Interest rates are the most common tool Central Banks use to adjust inflation. When inflation is too high, central banks usually raises interest rates. If inflation falls too far below their target, they usually cut interest rates. We know currency values fluctuate with interest rate expectations.

Due to inflation targeting the CPI release can cause big moves in the markets. Below is a recent example of the impact CPI releases can have. This came due to a surprise fall in Canadian CPI numbers.

What is the Economic Calendar?

As inflation rises the expectations of interest rates rise as well. The opposite of Foreex is also true. This makes inflation one of the most influential indicators for traders. It is most commonly measured using the expenditure method as seen below. Some consider GDP to be a lagging indicator. Other classify GDP as a coincident indicator.

According to Reutersthe lag in some GDP components does not take away its importance or impact on markets. As a procyclical indicator GDP moves in the economisc direction as the economy. This means when the economy is ecconomics well it should increase. When the economy is slowing down, it should decrease. The most common way of measuring GDP is by tracking its rate of change as a percentage. Too low growth could require more expansionary policies. Where too high growth could require more contractionary policies. Growth numbers can provide another essential consideration for future monetary policy.

Employment Change And Unemployment Rate There are two employment indicators which are very important to know. The first is the Unemployment Rate and the second is the Employment change. Governments usually track changes in employment on a monthly basis. Some Central banks only track changes once a quarter. It measures the total amount of workers added to an economy. Usually, the Unemployment rate is released with the employment change numbers. Employment indicators are considered as lagging indicators.

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