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This makes it one of the more entertaining and useful pages for forex traders to connect with. Instaforex — 1, likes Instaforex are one of the biggest forex brokers in Asia, a market that seems to have adopted social media, and particularly Facebook, in greater numbers than any other. Unlike Xforex, instaforex largely steers clear of purely promotional posts, veering more towards conversation-starters and infographics related to online trading.

It idwas exists as a social layer for this community for sharing pictures, infographics, and charts, rather than as a replacement for the forum itself. Profit Forex Signal —likes As the name suggests, Profit Forex Signal is a signals provider for online forex traders, providing tradable suggestions in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. But after looking at some alternatives, Facebook really is the best place to have it. The primary reason is that most people are on Facebook at least once a day.

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Private forums are a good idea…in theory, but they usually die out from lack of use. So if you want to join, click here and request membership in the group. I don't mind you posting your own blog posts, if they teach people something. So all you educators out there are welcome!

Episode 88: How To Calculate Pips and Pip Value in Forex Trading

If you Fored against Facebook using your data, you can just setup a fake account and use fake information. But for now, Facebook is the facehook to be. Conclusion So if you are looking for a place to hang out with other FX traders, then I hope you will join the group. We are currently doing a monthly Trading Challenge. So if you want to commit to trading well and have a small group of traders help you out, then join here. People in the group are really friendly and come from all over the world.

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Our clients know us. We would ttading to spend our profits on platform upgrades than advertising I suppose. This can result in mistakes for the trader and limited usability. We pride ourselves on the fact that Streamster has a really intuitive dashboard. We constantly update the platform so that there are no glitches and the system is as problem-free as possible.

We have a team of very experienced software professionals providing continuous support. Everything is direct and straightforward. The charting is simple and you can trade, view and modify directly on the charts. As the client can continue trading virtually without limit, this is a great platform for education.

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We wanted the platform to be free, with no hidden charges. It is also a good resource ieeas links to useful articles and discussions of the economic hel that trsding affecting price movements. Forex School Online —likes Forex School Online Forex School Online is a training programme with a specific focus on the study of price action. The Facebook page is a very active community, and a deep resource of insights and discussions regarding trading strategy and analysis, with charts demonstrating the efficacy of the strategies espoused by the programme.

Forex Count — 54, likes This page is primarily used by FX broker Forex Count to share news, analysis, and forecasts regarding the currency market, with abundant links to reports and articles from the company itself and the web as a whole. They also use it, in combination with their Twitter account, to make announcements about upcoming events, host online discussions, and act as a customer service channel.

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