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Availability of the home icebox permitted safe storage of milk and breastfeedung formula, and by the breastfeediny, feeding of orange juice and cod liver oil greatly decreased the incidence of scurvy and rickets. Use of evaporated milk for formula preparation decreased bacterial contamination and curd tension of infant formulas. From through the s, breast-feeding declined and cow's milk and beikost were introduced into the diet at earlier and earlier ages. Although commercially prepared formulas, including iron-fortified formulas replaced home-prepared formulas, few infants were breast-fed or formula fed after 4—6 mo of age.

Iron deficiency was prevalent. From througha resurgence of breast-feeding was associated with a prolongation of formula feeding and an nreastfeeding in usage of iron-fortified formulas. By the end of the century, formula feeding of older infants had largely replaced feeding of fresh cow's milk and the prevalence of iron deficiency had greatly decreased. Since then, I have collected small bits of information in relation to specific interests at the time. As a research fellow in renal physiology, I studied osmotic diuresis and reviewed the literature on renal solute load, including the reports concerning infants.

In the s, when I was involved with Charlie May in metabolic balance studies with normal infants, I reviewed the older reports on intakes and excretion of protein, fat and some of the major minerals.

The years 1900–1930

However, despite all the effort I invested over the years in trying to define desirable characteristics of infant formulas, I did not attempt an interpretive review of the history of infant feeding; even in my book FomonI relied primarily on reviews by other authors for events that occurred before Forwx Thus, the breastfeedimg presented here as they relate to the first half of the 20th century require some indulgence of the readers. I am on firmer ground during the second half of the century. Among the most important advances in infant nutrition and feeding during the latter half of the 20th century were the increase in breast-feeding and the nutrition and feeding of preterm infants—areas to be covered in other presentations in this symposium.

Although important advances were also made in feeding of infants with chronic disease, my presentation is restricted to nutrition and feeding of normal term infants. A number of changes in public health during the latter half of the 19th century contributed to more successful formula feeding of infants in the early part of the 20th century Fomon Most important of these were improvements in general sanitation, disposal of garbage and, at least in some cities, chlorination of water.

Trump says poor moms need access to infant formula — but how much does breastfeeding cost women?

Handling and storage of milk improved. The biochemical differences ve the major components of human milk and cow's milk had been defined. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, it was generally appreciated that infant formulas based on cow's milk required the addition of water and carbohydrate. A number of commercially prepared formulas were patented. Erdmann says that before choosing the bottle exclusively, you must educate yourself.

Guilt trip much? Thankfully, some celebrities have been open about their choice to bottle feed from birth. Take Jennifer Winnng, who told People magazine after she had twins Max and Emme that, "My mom didn't breastfeed, and I think that was the thing for me. You read and figure out what's the best thing for them. I finally found one doctor out there who bottle-fed her babies: Nicole M.

Some have difficulty doing it, or simply choose not to for various reasons. Both of Forez children are happy and healthy, and I don't regret any of the choices that I made. I think it is important that we support all women and their choices surrounding whether or not they breastfeed. Geniuses are breastfed.

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But formulw what? Kids are resilient. But the thing that excites me most about bottle feeding is brreastfeeding everyone can participate. My husband can feed our baby while I indulge in a few moments of freedom each day, which will ultimately make me a better mom. My family, my friends, the next door neighbor, the doorman, the delivery guy -- whoever has a hand that can make a gripping motion can give her a bottle.

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