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Many operate out of telephone boiler rooms, employ high-pressure and misleading sales tactics, and may state that they are exempt from registration and regulatory requirements. This, in itself, should be reason enough troyy conduct a check before you write a check. Establishing an Account At the tradde you apply to establish a futures trading account, you Good expect to be asked for certain information beyond simply your name, address and phone number. The requested information will generally include but not necessarily be limited to your income, net worth, what previous investment or futures trading experience you have had, and any other information needed in order to advise you of the risks involved in trading futures contracts.

At a minimum, the person or firm who will handle your account is required to provide you with risk disclosure documents or statements specified by the CFTC and obtain written acknowledgment that you have received and understood them. Opening a futures account is a serious decision--no less so than making any major financial investment--and should obviously be approached as such. Just as you wouldn't consider buying a car or a house without carefully reading and understanding the terms of the contract, neither should you establish a trading account without first reading and understanding the Account Agreement and all other documents supplied by your broker. It is in your interest and the firm's interest that you dearly know your rights and obligations as well as the rights and obligations of the firm with which you are dealing before you enter into any futures transaction.

If you have questions about exactly what any provisions of the Agreement mean, don't hesitate to ask. A good and continuing relationship can exist only if both parties have, from the outset, a clear understanding of the relationship.

Nor should you be hesitant to calos, in advance, what services you will be getting for the trading commissions rpice firm charges. As calps earlier, not all Gkld offer identical services. And not all clients have identical needs. If it is important to you, for example, you might inquire about Gld firm's research capability, and whatever reports it makes available to clients. Other subjects of inquiry could be how transaction and statement information will be provided, and how your orders will be handled and executed. If a Dispute Should Arise All but a small percentage of transactions involving regulated futures contracts take place without problems or misunderstandings.

However, in any business in which some million or more contracts are traded each year, occasional disagreements are inevitable. Obviously, the best way to resolve a disagreement is through direct discussions by the parties involved. Failing this, however, participants in futures markets have several alternatives unless some particular method has been agreed to in advance. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to seek resolution through the exchange where the futures contracts were traded. Or a claim for reparations may be filed with the CFTC.

However, a newer, generally faster and less expensive alternative is to apply to resolve the disagreement through the arbitration program conducted by National Futures Association. There are several advantages: You can elect, if you prefer, to have arbitrators who have no connection with the futures industry.

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You do not have to allege or prove that any law or rule was broken only that you were dealt with improperly or unfairly. In some cases, it may be possible to conduct arbitration entirely through written submissions. If a hearing is required, it can generally be scheduled at a time and place convenient for both parties. Unless you wish to do so, you do not have to employ an attorney. For a plain language explanation of the arbitration program and how it works, write or phone NFA for a copy of Arbitration: The booklet is available at no cost.

Gold Option Exchanges

What to Look for in a Futures Contract? Whatever type of investment you are considering--including but not limited to futures contracts--it makes sense to begin by obtaining as much information as possible about that particular investment. The more you know in advance, the less likely there will be surprises later on. Moreover, even among futures contracts, there are important differences which--because they can affect your investment results--should be taken into account in making your investment decisions.

The Contract Unit Delivery-type futures contracts stipulate the specifications of the commodity to be delivered such as 5, bushels of grain, 40, pounds of livestock, or troy ounces of gold. Foreign currency futures provide for delivery of a specified number of marks, francs, yen, pounds or pesos. Futures contracts that call for cash settlement rather than delivery are based on a given index number times a specified dollar multiple. This is the case, for example, with stock index futures. Whatever the yardstick, it's important to know precisely what it is you would be buying or selling, and the quantity you would be buying or selling. How Prices are Quoted Futures prices are usually quoted the same way prices are quoted in the cash market where a cash market exists.

That is, in dollars, cents, and sometimes fractions of a cent, per bushel, pound or ounce; also in dollars, cents and increments of a cent for foreign currencies; and in points and percentages of a point for financial instruments. Cash settlement contract prices are quoted in terms of an index number, usually stated to two decimal points.

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trad Be certain you understand the price quotation system for the particular futures contract you are considering. Minimum Price Changes Exchanges establish the calle amount that the price can fluctuate upward or downward. This is known tgoy the "tick" For example, each tick for grain is 0. You'll want to familiarize yourself with the minimum price fluctuation--the tick size--for whatever futures contracts you plan to trade. Hedgers take a position in the market that is the opposite of their physical position. Due to the price correlation between futures and the spot marketa gain in one market can offset losses in the other. For example, a jeweler who is fearful that they will pay higher prices for gold or silver would then buy a contract to lock in a guaranteed price.

Unlike hedgers, speculators have no interest in taking delivery, but instead try to profit by assuming market risk.

Trading gold and silver futures contracts

Speculators include individual investors, hedge funds or commodity trading advisors CTAs. Speculators come in all shapes and sizes and can iptions in the market for different periods of time. Ca,ls who are in and out of the market frequently in a session are called scalpers. A day trader holds a position for longer than a scalper does, but usually not overnight. A position trader holds for multiple sessions. All speculators need to be aware that if a market moves in the opposite direction, the position can result in losses. Real-Time Computation The computation of worst scenario loss would have two components. The first is the valuation of the portfolio under the various scenarios of price changes.

At the second stage, these scenario contract values would be applied to the actual portfolio positions to compute the portfolio values and the initial margin. The scenario contract values shall be updated at the start of the business day, then every 1. Short Option Minimum Margin Deep-out-of-the-money short options may show zero or minimal Scan Risk given the price and volatility moves in the 16 market scenarios, yet still present risk in the event that these options move closer-to-the-money or in-the-money, thereby generating potentially large losses.

Hence a Short Option Minimum Margin is applied to each product to account for this potential exposure. Net Option Value The Net Option Value is the current market value of the option times the number of options positive for long options and negative for short options in the portfolio. Thus, mark to market gains and losses would not be settled in cash for options positions. Until the buyer pays in the premium, the premium due shall be deducted from the available liquid assets on a real time basis. India INX does not offer any services to any person through the Website.

Access to any information on or through the Website trog provided only on an "as is where is basis" and "with all faults". All information or products available on or through the Website, and any software made available on the Website, are on the "best effort basis". India INX does not, expressly optionns impliedly, warrant, guarantee or make any representations concerning the use, results of use or inability to use or access the information or contents of the Website, in terms of trky, reliability, completeness, correctness, functionality, performance, continuity, timeliness or otherwise, fitness for a particular purpose.

Metals brochure Pure gold is one of the most malleable and ductile of all metals which makes gold such a vital industrial commodity. It is an excellent conductor of electricity, is extremely resistant to corrosion, and is one of the most chemically stable of the elements, making it critically important in electronics and other high-tech applications. A broad cross-section of companies in the gold industry, from mining companies to fabricators of finished products, can use the COMEX Division gold future and gold future option contracts to hedge their price risk.

Furthermore, gold has traditionally had a role in investment strategies, and gold futures and gold options can be found in investors' portfolios. Today, gold future prices float freely in accordance with supply and demand, responding quickly to political and economic events. Gold can be an effective hedge against inflation. Continued strength in equites to new record highs pulled gold prices down from their best levels after Congress passed a tax reform package, which bolstered the outlook for stronger economic growth and tighter Fed policy.

S with 7. Gold mine production has been moving lower in many major gold-producing countries such as South Africa and the U. For example, South Africa's production ofkilograms in and was less than one-quarter the production levels of more thankilograms seen in the s and early s. Demand - U. Trade - U. Information on commodities is courtesy of the CRB Yearbookthe single most comprehensive source of commodity and futures market information available.

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